Water and running out

With indoors where does the water drain onto? The floor of tent … or don’t you let it ?

Don’t let water run onto tent floor. It may block a very small amount of water, but it will leak through and onto your floor, carpet or wood.
Place a saucer under the grow bag. Water that runs out can be removed.

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I pull the plants out of the tent and place on wire shelving over a bin. Then pour runoff into my sump pump


Ya get a drain pan . I have little wetvac i remove the runoff with.

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That’s a great idea thanks ! :smiling_face:

I raised the plants and have all the runoff flow into a small tote with a pump and float valve. It pumps all the waste to the washing machine drain. I have a tee and ball valves at the drain so I can divert it to a bucket to use in are garden / yard.