Water collections trays 5 Gallon Fabric Pots

Just looking for some ideas of what you guys use to collect runoff water from your 5 gallon fabric pots? My pots are on the white wire closet shelving, so I am looking for something that I can slide under them when watering.

Ideally I would water the plants in the tent and remove whatever tray/apparatus that would be under the plant collecting water to check runoff.

Thanks everyone!

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I use these:


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I have a 3x3 tent and I use a washing machine overflow tub rather than indiv saucers. The fabric pots sit on risers.

I have wood shims under the tub so the overflow drains to the door and sponge the excess out. Amnesia haze in 3 gallon pot is pictured


here’s the riser


I used oil pans from dollar tree. Only $1 a piece. :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Turkey pans might work


Washing machine drain tray. 20 bucks and you can have the runoff drain into a tub. Only problem is, all the water mixes together. So if your anal about seeing each plants runoff then it wont work.


I use big square glass casserole dishes picked up at yard sale . One Buck apiece. I like them because they’re only a couple inches tall. And Not flexible when you pull them out and they’re full of water. Good luck.


@ImSICKkid, how do you like the fans that attach to the poles? Do they oscillate?

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The ones in that picture do not oscillate. I do have one of the vivosun ones that move but the downfall of it is how far it sticks out. So if you have a smaller tent it will eat up alot of space


Yes, these are perfect to keep the fabric pot from sitting in it’s own waste runoff. Keep those roots healthy!


I use them with trays to collect runoff and keep bag out of water also


I do the same but from Walmart about 3 bucks a piece. Very sturdy and good for my 7 gal. fabric pots.

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I use saucers with high walls and risers like others do. I went with oversized saucers and risers so I can swap them out easily to get good runoff PPM readings. If you are testing PPMs with sentiment present in the saucers from previous watering, you won’t get accurate readings.


Where do you find those?




I like that idea!! :blush:

I a, new to tents and my tent isn’t exactly fitting on its bones perfectly. I hope to correct that but anyway. What is that thing at the bottom of your tent? Also regarding the fans in such a small tent which is very much like mine. How long do you keep your fans running? What sped high or low and when did you add them? Were you using it pre sprout?

What do you guys use to remove the water from the trays.
I always did autos, I just picked up the plant and then put another tray down and put the plant on that tray and dumped the water.

I was looking at a pump. Just let the runoff sit in tray, then pump it out. it seems easier.

Any pump ideas? Type? use a 2 way? Or just a really small pump.

thanks in advance

I use big Tupperware lids for those under the bed . They are about 3 inches high about 4 feet long and about 2.5 wide enough to put two 5 gallon Fabric bags in each tray. Then I use a wet- vac to suck out the runoff not back pain!