Washing out buds?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve got a few plants that I’m getting ready to harvest. I’ve been hearing a lot about bud washing lately, would like to know what the pros and cons of this, or is it even worth it?

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I don’t think there are any cons to bud washing. It’s pretty necessary if you grow outdoors, not so much indoors, but it will give your buds a great smell and seems to keep them fresher longer. It’s worth it.


The only downside is you will lose all the water soluble terpenes from the buds. If you are gentle with the plants I dont think you will lose any thc through breakage of the capitate stalks, so go for it.

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False, terpenes are not water soluble at room temperature and normal pressure, @mountainman1

Many of the difficult to isolate terpenoid components show solubility minimum in CO2 at 80-90 bar and 60°C (limonene and beta-carophyllene) and their solubility increases in both sub- and supercritical CO2 with both an increase or decrease in temperature (…)

From here :


So, like @raustin mentioned, your buds will still smell great, just be gentle when washing, dear fellow grower, for not reaping trichomes with a vigorous wash… You’ll wash out not only powder mildew, but, insects dropping, pesticides residues, bacterias and viruses and pollutants as well…

Just follow this tutorial :wink::sunglasses:

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What about spraying before harvest. All i’ve read say yes. Any specific instructions on how to spray before harvest. I plan on washing as described on harvest. Found some spot bud rot. Cut it out. Just slight traces of pm. Suggestions/ thoughts please. Thank you.:sunglasses:

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Yes, a 1:1 dilution of 3% H2O2 with distilled water is a good organic fungicide and pesticide, @stretchgfw.1957, but the bath and rince is essential too, imho…

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Distilled water is important if you want the H2O2 to last for around 24 to 48 hrs effective. Tap and well water have minerals that interact with H2O2 and make it last for few hours, 5 to 10 at best, 5 to 10 minutes if you have very hard water…

And do not apply at the same time of other treatments like BT-k or Spinosad, wait 72 hrs or a good rain fall after H2O2 application before using other treatments.

Gonna use a pump sprayer. I read 6-8oz 3% H202 to 5 gallons of water. Going to use rainwater. Should I lightly spray them or soak them? How close should I spray. Spray over or over and under the leaves?@raustin@Niala

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Rain water is not better and still contain minerals if not more then tap water… Distilled water only…

6 to 8 oz for 5 gallon is really not enough, go with 50\50 3% and distilled water or 8% H2O2 at 1:5 dilution or if you can find 35% H2O2, 1:20 dilution or 32 oz (946 ml) per 5 gallon pump sprayer.

Botrytis (bud rot, grey mold) need that kind of concentration if you want to get rid of it, powder mildew around half of this concentration but at the concentration that I recommend, it’s also a pesticide, so it’s a win win situation…

And slightly soak (so medium soak) spay over and under leaves. And around 18 to 24" from foliage and buds.

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