Skywalker OG outdoor

My skywalker og is putting on some fat colas. The smell is fantastic. :+1:

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Mine too! This is my second time growing this strain. Here are the other two girls. The one I left alone is over 5 feet tall and looking good, the main cola is about 2 feet long. The topped one is by far the smallest but it has been fun growing them 3 different ways.

I brought them under the cover just in time, it started raining hard here last night. No complaints though, I know the east coast has had a hell of a time with rain this year.


Argh, found rot on 2 colas today. I cut those down, crossing fingers no other issues but it is very humid right now.

Well the bud rot has struck again. I had to cut most of my large colas down as they were starting to get rot in spots on them. :slightly_frowning_face:

I managed to salvage 70% so far, hoping they will dry with no issues. I bathed them in the h2o2 rinse…


i hate hearing this,bud rot has been tough this year…
glad you can salvage some…

We have 3 SSH growing right now. Did you have any questions in particular about this strain? happy to take them into another thread :smiley:

OP great looking plants. We have Skywalker OG but didn’t have the time to grow them this year. Went overboard on a seed purchase and have a couple seasons worth of seed packets…

Yes i do have a few questions about then like how long should they veg is topping a must I’m in cyco coco coir 5gal airpots 3x3x5 tent cyco nutrients 2 300watt viraspectra

@Nell1 start a different thread. As not to hijack this one. (just put the @ and my alias, I’ll find it and comment)!

@Ian420, How are the plants doing since the H2O2 rinse? Also how long were the buds in the H202?

We have 3 plants outside that are approaching week ~8 of flower. We have to monitor for rot every couple of days. So far they have appeared to be somewhat resistant. Considering all options, though we have not rinsed buds before.

The h2o2 bath worked great. I ran a few small test batches before doing it all. No issues at all - seemed to dry the same, no taste difference, no issues with damage to the trichromes.

I left the buds in the h2o2 for 3-5 minutes. I shook them around a bit then dropped them in a clean water rinse bucket for the same time before shaking them and hanging them up with a fan blowing on them.

The rinse knocked a lot of dirt off my plants. It had been pretty windy so there was more dirt than I expected on them.

Sorry more questions…

Do you have a ratio for the H2O2?
I’m assuming it was mixed with water?
Did you pH balance anything here?
Also did you do a water rinse before the H2O2?

I used 6-8oz of peroxide to about 4 1/2 gallons of water. I did not rinse it before putting it in the h2o2 bath nor did I PH the water. I didn’t see anything about that in any of the materials I read or watched.

After seeing the dirt and other stuff that came off the plants, I can see why folks wash their outdoor grow.


Check out the video in this thread.

Looks like the first set of tops I cut last week are going to amount to about 6 oz. looking good so far!!!


I bet those budz are going to taste amaze balls!

Yep, I tried a few dried non-cured buds and it was great.

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nothing in the world like tasting your own grow! I bet your friends are going to be stoked!


My friends are, I always grow more than I need and give it to them.

I also did the H2O2 bath, same ratio as you. A clean 5-gallon bucket, dumped a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in, and topped with water. Another clean 5-gallon bucket of pure water.

Washing OG Kush was resulting in nothing but trim leaf bits in the water, so I stopped halfway through. GSC I didn’t skip because there were spots of bud rot and I just wanted to have things as clean as possible.

Your grow looks great. I understand about the weather; things have certainly changed a bit. And I’m north and inland from you, where it’s drier and warmer - yet I’m still pretty worried about my last plants. Keep vigilant!

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Yeah, I’ve still got 3 going. Been a good harvest so far this year even with the issues.

Chopped some more down. Looks like I’ll get just under a 1lb from two plants. Not bad considering I started them a month later than I wanted. One more small skywalker girl to go, but it looks like I’ll get just a couple ounces from her.