Very close to harvest, but not quite there yet

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well
My autoflowering sour diesels are 14 weeks old today and I’m still waiting to harvest. I think two of my five plants will be ready sometime this week but I’m waiting on the trichomes to let me know. I haven’t done anything different except for not giving nutes to the 2 I believe are almost ready, but it seems that all the plants except for the late bloomer, leaves are turning yellow. I seem to remember last year when it was close to the end, the same thing was happening, but since I’m new to this I was wondering if this is normal and what should I do. Should I leave the yellowing leaves alone and cut off the ones that are also turning brown or what. I didn’t want to takeoff too many leaves because I know they help to harness the sun for the benefit of the plant. If the pics post in order, the first 2 are the ones that are almost ready. Thanks again everyone


I would think the totally yellow ones aren’t doing anything and I’d pull them


They are looking good. Nice job @Striven4 Definitely pull the yellow and brown leaves. They are dead or dying and are ready to defend. They will just allow for rot and bugs to get a start.

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Do you keep them close to that ac? @Striven4

They’re in that part of the yard for the last bit of sun for the day, but they can’t really feel the warmth of the exhaust from the AC. Is that what you were thinking might be doing it or is it something else if there in that area?

@Striven4 i was thinking that’s why they were so big ac dump out CO2 and plants love it and it helps them do better in higher heat!


Wow!! So as long as the sun is hitting that part of the yard and even after it goes down I keep them over there. I would’ve never known that was doing them good. That’s why I love talking to you guys and gaining knowledge that I’ll never forget
Thanks a lot