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@elheffe702 @anon95385719 I was hoping to get some knowledge dropped on me. My outdoor auto few Northern Lights (into soil May/15, therefore I believe they should be done about Aug/07) are getting close to the end & eating up the fan leaves. Can I pretty much start stripping the majority of leaves? I have a couple pictures to help, as you can see with one plant most of the buds are still white with not that much trichs showing? Could anyone please help with estimates?


do you have drain holes on the plant with yellow leaves??? if not, get some…yellow is sign of too much wet.

Both plants have a long way to do. Keep in mind when mfg puts flower time in description of auto’s, they know you are looking for the shortest grow time. HInt, hint. Go by the trichomes color.
be more goodies if you support main stalk…tomato stake n plastic wrapped tomato wire will help plant focus on goodies instead of roots n stalk.

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The yellowing of the leaves if good. It means you’re getting close to the harvest. The plant is sucking the nitrogen from leaves so don’t cut them


Yes I have many 1/2 inch holes on the bottom. I thought maybe she was starting to eat herself already…we have had a bunch of heavy rain storms in Southwestern Ontario over the last week or so. Thanks for the fast reply, have a great weekend!

I think your timing expectation is very realistic. That’s 83 days for an auto. It could go a week or so longer but probably not much.

This answer I am about to give could spark a great debate. But whatever let them rant. I would remove all the fans that are yellow. The plant no longer needs huge solar panels. Photosynthesis has slowed to a crawl during flower. They are taking energy from the plant making buds.

Only the biggest fans and the ones that yellow go first. I also remove the big ones from the middle that are blocking the sugar leaves on my buds.

Just keep in mind when defoliating any huge light gaps where light goes all the way thru the plant is wasted light so defoliate strategically. And with an auto, only a few at a time.

Good luck. She looks awesome.

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This is just a suggestion. It’s your plant and u can do as u please but I would remove these

I think u will get a lot more out of that middle and sides with those gone.

They look like outdoor plants. Are they outside full time? That changes what people are telling u. Outdoor plants will turn yellow like that from shade.


Thank you so much for the reply, yes they are full time outdoors & have been since June 6.

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I don’t grow outdoors, but @anon95385719 has you covered for sure. No drainage would’ve caused problems much sooner, but this is good advice nonetheless. Cannabis needs lots of drainage to allow oxygen to get to the roots. This looks more like typical yellowing near harvest to me. She’s close, lots of pistils turning, but I’d get a good look at the trichomes before you decide. :v: :slight_smile:

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