Nearing Harvest?

Hello everyone, back again for my long time away post. Thursday marks week 13 of my Northern Lights auto grow, and I can’t help to feel that my plant is letting me know she is close to being harvested. I read that the fan leafs naturally start to yellow out and wilt at the end of flowering which means they are relatively ready for harvest. I had just performed a feeding yesterday and today I noticed the wilting and yellowing. I checked the trichomes and more and more have been showing up, but I’m not sure it’s near the 50% plant coverage like others have mentioned. I’ve included some photos I just took to show the yellowing I’ve mentioned and I was just wondering what anyone might suggest in terms of harvesting and curing now, or trying to push out for a couple more days. Any and all help is appreciated!


Trichome development is the primary indicator along with the leaves near the bud starting to turn yellow and father time of course…do you have a jewelers’ loop?

I like to cut off anything that doesn’t have any trichomes on it for hanging and then do my best to keep the humidity and temperature under control in the drying tent


I do! I have been checking every other day for about a week now and I’m seeing more and more amber trichomes on some leafs, but not others on the same budsite. So like the most bottom leaf has a healthy amount of amber trichomes but they are less prominent as you go to the upper leafs of the budsite. My biggest issue is getting temp under control as here in AZ we are reaching upper 90’s already and I had to adjust my light schedule to have the dark period during the afternoon. I feel like the heat has really affected my grow, but that’s nature and I have to adjust in the future.


Get a good pic of a bud with your loupe. The sugar leaves always show trichs first. You seem to have white pistils still. But looks close.

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Will do!