Sour d autos time period of grow

So had first time growing autos. So picked up a bag of sour d from ILGM. I’m on day 45 and the plants look healthy have lots of bud sites. Just needed to know roughly about when are these seeds recommend harvest day is? Like 75 to 90 days ? 8 weeks? Also what do you think about the way they look? Also have a run of super skunk and purple haze goong too


first 2 are sour d auto same plant last one is purple haze and super skunk also in flower

Assuming you meant Sour Diesel, the rated flowering time from ILGM is 8 weeks.

Note: That is under perfect conditions. In general you can expect plants to take about 2 weeks longer than what breeders predict.

Thanks man that helps as I said first time with autos looks like I’m on track. I have a little yellowing happing on the bottom leaves but its only a couple. And yes I was talking about diesel. I’m also new to this second total grow first yielded about 200 for 2 plants not bad i think for first timer

Welcome to the forum. They look good I have a Northern Light about the same age as yours and is almost ready to harvest in about a week.

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Thanks im hoping its more like 4 weeks bc these are small and definitely want bigger and fatter harvest but ill take what she gives me.

Update were on day like 58 and not sure if there is a problem with her or she is taking the nutrition from the leaves or she’s just getting into late flower but she’s yellowing. Bad. Can someone help telling what could be going on its a auto sour diesel from ILGM day 58. Shr did just go 2 days without water when she was really dry i went away for the weekend :disappointed_relieved:the post above shows what she looked like 7 days ago and this is what she looks like now

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Here is my Sour Diesel photo babies… wished I could help more. How is your PH running?


Thanks its at 6.2 run off with 6.6 to 6.8 going in…i went away I think they got to hot and dry to fast. I came back they were welted and yellow so it is what it is I feed them and took off dead leaves and adjusted higher and added another fan to cool it off was up to 85 with 65% not good

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and urs look good

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Thank you here is my bigger baby idk sex yet and it’s an unknown strain but was good smoke tho. I’m 8 days in flower now.

That looks like a female to me and looks good…u top ur autos yet

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or do u LST

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These are photos. Only topped big one. Babies are only 20 days. How can you tell it looks female :joy: hope you don’t mind me posting here…

Following. I want to hear what veteran growers say about this.

I hope she perks up for you.

I do too thanks I really need to know from someone please🙏 but if not all let everyone know. They have made alittle come back too and not as bad but I’m pretty sure I just cut my yield in half

and I don’t mind at all if post on here thats what its here for :smile:

So would a spider mites or another pest be causing the yellowing and dying of the leaves?? Need help badly so if anyone knows or has dealt with this before please help :laughing:

The second one is purple haze photo might show more of the abuse that is happening to these girls…my ph is where it should be its not making sense thinkinf I have spider mites or something else living in there I guess

Let me tag some help.

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