Ventilation for 3 x 3 tent

I plan on using ac infinty 3 x 3 tent and was recommended to use their 6 in carbon filter. I wanted to know what other pieces do i need in order to se the filtration up correctly?

Is it hust the duct, filter and inline fan?


Yes and a couple of 6” clamps for the ends of the ducting.
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Yeah in most cases that’s all it is. .
Pro tip though,
You only need the filter hooked up if smell is an issue, and even then only in flower really…
If filter is hooked up all the time they stop up faster…


The 4" AC Infinity fan/filter setup is more suited for a 3 x 3 tent. Anything more and the sides of the tent are going to suck in.

I use a 6" inlet hose just to keep the inside pressure up.

This is a good thing, a negative pressure in the tent is a positive environment :grin:

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Even with the 4" the pressure is going to be negative. Unless you are blowing your air in it should always be negative. But with a 6" fan it’s going to be over kill. Bigger isn’t always better. But it’s your money.

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You are correct that the 4" can create N p as long as its run at a speed to pull the wall in which it is very capable of.
I just didn’t want anyone to read that and think, “my tent walls are sucking in, I better turn my fan down”.

I absolutely agree the 4" is big enough.

But as to "bigger isnt always better ".
In the case of exhaust fans, there is some benefits to using an oversize fan.
They are more efficient when running at 75% or below, They also run more quiet and will last longer if it never has to run at 100%.

I absolutely agree the 6" ran wide open is over kill, but bigger fan ran at a lower setting will move the same volume of air with less energy then the smaller fan at a higher setting :wink:

My AC Infinity T6 came in yesterday. I currently have a iPower 6" thats noisy and bangs around because of harmonics, want it gone. I will be pulling the old unit out of the tent and the new unit will go on the outside top of the tent. I thought I would down size to a 4" setup. But just couldn’t do it knowing I can run the 6" much slower and get the same results with head room.