Need to get an exhaust fan

First grow-wife is not happy with the smell from the tent in the basement. Been looking all dayand needless to say
There are SO many fan options out there. I have a 3x3x6 Opulent tent. Tell me what fan to get PLEASE !!!


4” AC Infinity will work, if you plant on going larger eventually, 6” will work too. The same brand also makes carbon filters.


AC Infinity 6 inch is a good option

Edit: Day late dollar short


I have checked out the AC Infinity ones. They are a bit on the pricey side compared to Vivosun ones. Any personal experiences with either? I don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish-but May is an expensive month in our house

I have a 4” vivosun that is quite powerful but it is noisy compared to the ac infinity. If you go the ac infinity, I’d recommend the S6. The S6 (as opposed to the T6) has a basic controller which makes it $50 less. I have the enhanced controllers and don’t utilize them at all. Plus with the 6”, you can run it at lower speed which will make it super quiet.


Thanks for that. What charcoal filters do you run?

AC infinity fans are worth the extra $ IMO


do you guys think in your experience a 4 inch ac infinity in a 3x3x6 tent would be enough? The prices jump up significantly for the 6 inch filters and fans and by my calculations it looks like I need a 165 cfm fan and the s4 is 205 . MTIA .

From what I’ve read it would be enough but you might have to run it full blast which would be a bit noisy

I use a 4” in my 2x4 it works well but as said a 6” would run at lower speeds and the larger filter would last longer

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Ipower is a affordable fan and filter. Filter good for about one grow.

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Look on amazon and get the ac infinity raxial s6 it works great costs like 29 bucks on amazon. Will work great for the 3x3. I use it on a 2x4x5 and ot sux the tent walls in on half power or less lol

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Hmm price is great, steel construction, ball bearings …we may have a winner! what charcoal filter do you use with that one?

I dont use a filter. I love the smell so it dont bug me. Any homedept or lowes ect will have carbon filters well should have. Any filter will help.keep the smell.down really as long as its a carbon filyer. Phresh filters are supposed to be super good. Might wanna check and see if u can possiblynget a filter that u can change the carbon in when it goes bad i believe they have lit u can redo urself when it goes bad or there r vids to help u on redoing carbon pellets in filters to make new again. Filter r expensive like the lights lol

Smell does not bother me either, unfortunately I’m not sure my neighbors feel the same

Living in apartments sucks, but I don’t miss the home maintenance at all

I dont mind the smell but I am not the only one in the house and as they say “happy wife happy life” so I need something to scrub the odor. I wish Amazon wasnt such a gd crapshoot these days

Yeah I’m pretty sure my girlfriend will have something to say about that smell. I’m going to get the carbon filter and hope for the best.

With what I’ve seen here it really cuts down on the odor. To get my weed smell fix I’ll just sit in the tent and talk to my plants like a crazy person

Probably not with filter hooked up. Go for s6 and if you absolutely need smell gone don’t cheap out too much on filter. I usually get phresh and I know people that use mountain air, both very good. Good reports on ac infinity filters, but haven’t used one personally.

Where might I find these alternatives to the AC Infinity carbon filter? I was planning on getting theirs, but if there are effective substitutes that are cheaper then I will check into that instead

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Phresh and Mountain Air are premium carbon filters, they cost 4-6 times as much as the AC Infinity. I’m more than happy with the AC Infinity carbon filters and I replace them yearly.

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