Ventilation 3x3x6 tent

Who’s growing in a 3’x3’x6’ tent and what ventilation system are you using to keep the smell down? Thanks

Best bet for that space would be an AC Infinity T6 with charcoal filter.
You could maybe squeeze by with a 4" but for the difference in price I’d go with the 6 and run it at a lower speed if needed. Would give you a longer overall lifespan .
Also, not running the filter until actually needed helps extend the life too.

I’ve got a cheap 4" in a smaller tent than that and it struggles to keep up. I am running just under 300w in there though so that doesn’t help.

Good Luck!!


I have a 3x3x6 vivosun tent speaking off of experience get the AC infinity 6 I have a 4inch vivosun exhaust an it struggles but does the job I’m upgrading to a AC infinity 6 in a few weeks. REAPEAT DONT GET A 4INCH!!!

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I have a AC Infinity S4 to vent my tent and a 4 inch charcoal filter and a 4 inch AC Infinity S4 Raxial fan to bring air into my tent. I only use the filter when needed. I should have went with a 6" one.


I agree with all the above if you do go with the AC infinity do a AC infinity discount code search for 15% savings .

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Ac infinity so and 6"x18" phresh filter, works like a charm.

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Thanks. I have the same tent

I second that. Only use I could find for it was for it to be used as an intake.

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It’s a ok tent mines is starting to get little pin holes around the edges but I would not buy another one might give AC infinity tent a try next

That’s what I plan on doing once I get the AC 6