Variation on germinating seeds

Not promoting this…just posting for discussion/fun
I worked this out sprouting tomato and pepper seeds. I wanted to reduce the handling of the seed so much as it sprouted a tail and to find a way to keep from changing the orientation of the seed as it started growing. The soak. paper towel, transplant flips the seed a few times before it finally becomes stable and knows which way is down for the root. Also this method can be done completely in the grow tent as the seed is covered from the beginning so no dark space is needed.
So this is what I did this starting Saturday…

Day 1- Placed jiffy pellets in distilled water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide…
After they expanded I placed one seed in each pointed end up.
Left them in the water as pictured for 24hrs just like a seed in a cup of water it was essentially submerged as it couldn’t float. Seeds were scuffed lightly with sandpaper.

Day 2- After 24 hrs the pellets were placed on a paper towel to wick away most of the water.
It takes 30 to 60 minutes and with three pellets I changed the towel once.
Care needs to be taken as this can wick away so much water the pellet will start to dry out completely.
Air flow effects how long it takes. Placed back in the seed starter container and covered.

Day 4- it was just 48 hours later that signs of life appeared.

Day 5- These are the sprouts today. Two Northern Lights on left, Gold Leaf has toothpick marker.

This was the first test using cannabis seeds. It seemed to be fine. Its just a different way of accomplishing the same things other methods do. Soak, keep damp out of light, sprout in media.


What benefit does the hydrogen peroxide provide? First time I’ve heard of it.

Helps provide a little oxygen to the water, plus kills any mold spores that might be initially present.


Thank you for specifying how much peroxide you used! I’m a complete beginner, and yours is the first post I encountered that gave the amount to use.
I started my very first single cannabis seed in late May (2021, CBD Kush Auto) in a peat pellet and it grew to maturity straightforwardly beside my patio veggies, but when I started 2 more seeds a couple of weeks ago, one pellet grew a coat of mold and the tailed seed died. :frowning:

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We all lose a seed now and then. Hope your next grow does well.

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