Blueberry Auto Seeds

Anyone else having issues getting these seeds to germinate?? So far only 3 of six have showed any life. I soak them until they split and then put them in a moist paper towel placed on my modem box.

Myself if the seeds cracked then I would put in grow medium in my case straight to soil. I haven’t done tons but I had one out 20 or so not germinate.

put them in soil

I’ll definetly try that

just below the soil, say quarter of an inch and monitor them.
do not over water, a light spritz is good

Ok thanks! Do you still pop yours in water first??

I never have, lightly spritz the soil beforehand…i always check to make sure the seeds look healthy with a little gloss…but thats me…:cowboy_hat_face:

If you want 100% germination, use 1ml hydrogen peroxide added to 50ml water. My germination rate has been 100% since I started using it.

I don’t use a paper towel at all anymore. The tails are 1/4" after 48 hours. Every one of these seeds grew up @Familyman


I’ll be trying this with my next round of seeds. What does the peroxide do??

what strength % hydrogen peroxide ? surely the hydrogen peroxide would leach out the oils from the seed ?

also…I always put my seeds in the earth on a FULL MOON :full_moon: that way i remember how long they have been in as well as that Old Full Moon Ganja Voodoo Thang kicks in …easy does it :seedling:

What grow medium would you recommend for seedlings? Something like Happy frog?

I am in western Britain and we have different supplies, but you must get your PH @ 6.5
There is lots of great soil advice here.

Happy frog will work I just used that and they all started fine. Rock wool is another but I am not familiar with the way it is used. Rapid rooters is another that a few folks use.

The extra oxygen softens the husk. As you can see from the photo, every seed had 1/4" tails.
I don’t leave mine in the water more than 48 hours. @James68 it does no damage to the seeds. I’ve germinated about 70 plants this way.

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Fox Farms Light Warrior is made for seedlings. I personally use depleted soil with work castings added to it.

This will be my first grow so I need to keep it simple. As far as soil and nutes I’m clueless.

Read, read and read some more.

I found a shit load of seeds from a storage unit I bought. I tried the paper towel and that didn’t work. But you just may have told me how to get then to crack open.
I’ll let you know what happens here in the next few days. 1


I make my own soil / compost, that way I am sure there is zero animal blood or bone in the good earth which turns into perfect ph6.5 worm heaven which turns into Puff… it is easy to do also very cosmic