NO seeds germinating

Currently trying to germinate Blueberry Auto’s. Received the seeds in April '23 & they’ve been stored in the fridge in the original envelope since.

Started 3 seeds in water 7 days ago, and long story short I’m now at 9 with no luck & began 4 more this morning.

My germ heat mat is MIA, so I have my grow room set to 80F which keeps the seeds in the mid-high 70s.

I soak for 24h & move to paper towels. After no action on the first 6, I tried soaking the next 3 in 70/30 distilled water/hydrogen peroxide overnight & moved to paper towels (also put the first 6 into this soak as well).

The only action I’ve seen from any of them has been a teeny root emerging from 3, but it’s black & doesn’t continue growing.

Here they are (I mixed them together… 2 are at 7 days, 3 at 5 days, and 3 at 3 days.):

Closeup of the 3 with tails

My unattractive setup:

Thing is… I had this same exact experience the last time I tried starting a previous order… customer service was excellent with that one, but I guess I still don’t understand because my first grow with ilgm seeds was incredibly fruitful. I mean as much as I appreciate their germ guarantee, I don’t want to keep taking advantage of it… I just want these things to grow…

Are these symptoms of old/unviable seeds? Idk what else to think at this point… I started with 20 this time & still have 7 to play with… anything I can do to save them if they are old?


What are you planning to grow in and what size pot?

My method…

3 parts water
1 part hydrogen peroxide

Soak seed in solution for 24 hours. Keep room temp around 80 if not on germ mat.

Plant directly into soil 1/4 inch deep. Should pop soil in 3 to 4 days. If you see a taproot, plant taproot up. Once seedling pops soil, cover with a clear solo cup or container amd spray the inside of the dome twice daily.


Could be coincidence but we had the same thing happen with blueberry photos we went through 20 seeds and got maybe 2 that popped. ILGM replaced them, I’d recommend contacting customer service.


I just came off a drought myself. Not sure why black. The fact anything at all came out means not dead. Try ditilled water…cup maybe and only a capfull of peroxide. I killed 9 beans but was my soil. Bought some new seedling mix and success again. Shouldnt be too old at all.


Gonna do a coco grow in 3gal bags.

Just added a little more water to get the soak to a 75/25 ratio. Room temp steady @ 80°f.

Peat pellet is the next step… what’s this about plant taproot up?!

Side note: if memory serves, you helped me a lot with my first grow… really appreciate you.


Ive never used peat pellets but ive seen some folks use them. Here is a good example of why we plant taproot up. When the seed breaks soil, it help shed the shell to help prevemt helment head


Its what we’re here for bro


Coincidence or not, that makes me feel a little less like I can’t figure out how to drop a seed into a cup of water :joy: thank you


Hahaha :rofl: that was utilizing every method imaginable. My germ rate has always been good, then came blueberry.


Yea it’s frustrating… just started a few more & used less h2o2 (already using distilled.) Thanks!


I had successful germ with blueberry autos a couple years ago. Then they’d sprout, get a 2" root and quit. Just stop growing as soon as they sprouted.


Ouch… any ideas as to what might have caused that? I had something similar happen with a bunch of OG kush autos, except they didn’t die; looked healthy, but stopped growing & flowered at about 3-4" lol. First time I grew under an LED, so thought I messed that up or something.

I had a successful blueberry auto in my first grow in 2019, so I’m all the more confused/bummed… big fan.

Here she is:

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I think it was a bad batch. They were gifted so i couldn’t really do anything about it. But another grower had some they got around the same time that it happened to as well.


I’ve had some shorty autos. But the blueberry had me scratching my head. They’d sprout, start their first leaves, then nothing. No even die off. Like just stuck in time lol. Root was white and topside all green. I like growing autos, but just hate that kinda “hmmmm” factor because of the ruderalis genes.


Update: none of the 20 popped…

ilgm replaced all of 'em
4 went into distilled water with a splash of h2o2 for 24h
Transferred to paper towels
Tails 12h later

Smile: yes
Hope: elevated