Seeds... What Am I Missing?

So ordered Blueberry AutoFlower from ILGM. Only 1 seed out of 5 grew.This AMAZING company sent me 5 replacements, honestly have no doubts about ordering from them.So I get my 5 new seeds, soak I wait for tails and Iplant in rock wool that is pre soaked per instructions and put under light in the little seed green house.Temp is good and has humidity.What am I screwing up or is it the heatwave that might be messing with seeds? I asked for support from ILGM and know they will help but I almost hate bothering them? Ideas, guys and girls?

Do you have any experience doing hydroponics?

Very limited but my biggest issue is the seed germination.The first set of 5 seeds I dit the pellets and 1 is growing.The replacement , I germinated placed tail down and kept under lights, moist, not wet with humidity

I can see the tops but not doing much in two weeks.

dude, why dont you do a soil grow first to get yer feet wet? Hydro is for experienced growers, you cant make any mistakes or very few anyways. With a soil grow we can teach a chimp to grow decent weed!


Thanks, I did do a soil grow in a tent and harvested 4 plants.I LEARNED A TON
Still have 3 full 32 ounce Mason Jars almost full.

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Just became WAY to hot in garage do doing a closet grow with Air/airflow and temp control

If you have issues with heat, hydro is a big issue. You will need a chiller to keep solution temps down.

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Exactly as the water needs to be around 70? The one seedling the grew seems to be doing well in my air conditioned closet with light, fan and ventilations .In late October, I will do the auto flower in the tent in garage.I learned so much with my first grow.So much to it, but fun to learn and with helpful people like you , this site and seeds…So fortunate, thanks for all your help.

Looks like there’s at least two about the pop their heads out. Hydroponics can sometimes seem like it should go faster but just go back and count the days and you might find your just getting impatient.

That has been my biggest obstacle. Relax, if after a week you don’t see anything from this point then worry.

Good Luck!

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Would you have any good links to find a good chiller? and will it work with multiple buckets or with simple modification?

Thanks in advance for your input.


I had the same problem and after way too long I put all my seeds in water and started over with saturation first. I think I may have saved all but two of the seeds I tried to propagate by saturating first to soften the shell.

I suggest a magnifying glass and a long pair of loose tensile tweezers for transplanting. When I saw the seed crack open and show their tail.

I immediately transplanted cracked side down and now have enough for all my pots. I did however, put more of the two strains into germination so that I would have enough plants.

The rest that survive will have homes. I don’t kill good thriving
plants. They will go to grower friends.

Good Luck and hope my experiences help you a little.


hey buddy, yes i can say that heat is probably your biggest issue… :roll_eyes: :smirk: the temp i keep all my systems at is 65-66 including my seeds… :grinning: and its a bit of a pain…

lets have a look at all your bits and pieces and see if we can help…

what are the air temp fluctuations, ?

im sorry to say the plant that is alive may not be too happy… :roll_eyes: do you have hydroguard?

@kettle is a perfect person to aim you in the right direction. Take it away kettle! And enjoy your growing experience, may the cannabis be with you!


So, would you recommend taking them OUT of the rock wool , saturating them and putting them in pellets? My only plant is in the pellet and transplanted to the DWC bucket

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no bud just leave everything as is… .try to keep air temps 72 in the day and 65-66 at night if you can… thus will help keep the h20 temps in the right zone for now… also know seeds in dwc can be a bit tricky to get right… :wink: :grin:

chill, take a few photos and try to tell us as much as u can… :grin:

do you have hydroguard? :roll_eyes:

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what is your water level under the plant u have there?

Yes, will have hydro guard tomorrow .Watwr is about 2 inch below plant so it will stretch .chilling water with frozen large water bottles

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is it 2 inches below the plant or the pot? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning:

Hey , I resembled that remark!