Having trouble with BB auto

Hello everyone, need some Pearl’s of wisdom please. Super excited to try the blueberry auto. This is my 4th grow, all autos. Can’t get these to germinate. Have planted 7 since mid August with only 1 to show for it. Proceeding per the bible with soak and sun (now lights since its October) and using organic new soil, Happy Frog, which is how I did the other grows with very satisfying results for white widow. These just won’t pop. Any thoughts? I’ve looked thru the forums and see some good looking plants and also some folks who’ve had similar issues. Tried the suggestions to no avail. Any comments would be appreciated.

I did 24 hours in water then straight to forever home(5 gal buckets) also used ffhf, had sprouts in 3 days

Best of luck, I had issue with BBA as well. I used my method of straight in soil which worked for me all last year (about 20 autos) only to have them fail. Then I did the soak method and I still wasn’t very successful. What did grow, I ended up losing to aphid infestation.

ILGM has a 100% germination guarantee, email them.

I soak my seeds for 18 to 24 hours. I then transfer them to damp toilet paper as we don’t use paper towels in the house. After sitting in the toilet paper between 36 to 48 hours I then transfer the seeds if they have a nice tap root into the grow bucket. I don’t do transfer of plants anymore.

I hope this helps and remember that Autos do better in 18/6 light cycle from what everyone has posted about them.

BBA seeds have taken the longest to pop out of the others I’ve grown. I soaked mine in a shot glass of distilled water with a half cap of peroxide. They took over 48hrs to finally pop some tails.

Have 3 more soaking now, will go get some H2O2. Thanks for the tip. Fingers crossed

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Will def consider this with the remaining seeds. Must have missed the light cycle note in the forums. Thanks.

I did. Asked them to show a sister some love❤

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Finally have an update and want to thank everyone for their insights and input. Blueberries are finished and I’m glad. Those were tough and despite everyone’s assistance, it wasn’t my best grow experience. HOWEVER I must compliment ILGM for their customer service. And my faith in the quality of seed has not been shaken so am starting again with some other strains. Looking forward to new experiences and wishing everyone success with this springs planting.