The perfect germination method (if you follow directions)

I am on my 5th grow with ILGM seeds. I lost over $100 US on seeds on my 2nd grow because they would not germinate properly. One of the members of this forum advised me to try using a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide added to my 6.5 Ph’d water to help the process. I have had a 99% success rate with seeds since. I just germinated 20 seeds and every one popped and has a 1/4" tail to plant with.

The method is pretty simple.
1.Put 30ml of 6.5 pH water in a small cup.
2. Add 1ml of Hydrogen Peroxide to the water.
3. Add seeds to the cup of water.
4. Put the cup/s of seeds in a cool dark place and leave them for 48hours. After 48 hours they should all have a 1/4" “tail”. Any seed that hasn’t popped is bad.
If you do it this way, you should have the same amount of success that I have had for the last 3 grows. Good luck.


@OldSkunk My seeds have been in zip lock with paper towel and Phed6.5 water for two days and nothing has happened yet . Can I switch to this method now without hurting the seeds . I previously lost two seeds already . @Johnzy81 What do you think ?

You could try @Seeddog are they bag seeds mate or from the seed bank? There is a lot there for sure.

Sorry mate just seen that they are ILGM seeds so maybe try the water technique and see if they sink.

Awh man I got the names worng I was right the first time @MattyBear any opinions here buddy @garrigan62 if you are around mate.

I wouldn’t do anything now that it’s been a few days. Try the technique on the next seeds :v:


All I do, is place paper towel on a plate and wet the paper towel place the seeds on the towel then cover with another paper towel and put in a dark place and don’t let it dry out keep it moist not soaking wet. Your seeds should pop in about 24 hr’s works for me every time 100%

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The paper towel method has worked for me everytime as well. Wet the paper towel with cold water till its damp, not soaking. Fold the paper towel in half. Place seeds in the middle and fold over again, place in ziplock bag. And then put it somewhere slightly warm. I put it under some clothes in my closet. They have always sprouted within a week. Usually closer to 2-3 days.

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@Johnzy81 @garrigan62 @Aolelon @MattyBear @OldSkunk All seeds are ILGM .The first two seeds I tried to germ were 1 Bubble gum and 1 Blueberry . They were the smallest seeds out of a pack of 5 . I put them in a glass of PHed water for 24 hours then into zip lock with damp towel set on top of TV cable box . This usually works for me but didn’t . This time I’m trying 1 Northern Lights and 1 Blueberry . I dropped these into glass of PHed water for 48 hours , they sank , then into bag and cable box again . @MattyBear Late last night I took them out of the bag and put them a glass with the HP and water solution . They are now in the dark kitchen cupboard . I will update this evening . :pray::pray::pray


Hope it works for you!


Thanks Bud … I got more …lol

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This process has worked for me 100% of the time… only small difference is I use shot glasses and if it’s cooler weather (i.e. the house is at 70F) I put them on my router for a little warmth.

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The Hydrogen Peroxide method works 100% of the time for me. Paper towel in the dark exactly as the Grow Bible described cost me $100 in precious seeds. I’m not sure why there are people who are so afraid of it. If it’s done exactly as I layed out, you will get 100% germination. My thread is not for everyone apparently. I think the photo of cups of ILGM seeds that all have 1/4 inch tails speaks for itself @Seeddog. @Johnzy81 is right. You got nothing to lose by trying it. I’m by no means an expert, but growing is not rocket science. It just requires a bit of research and patience.


@OldSkunk uses HP and it is actually adding oxygen to help aid in the germination process.

Putting your seeds in a zip lock bag is locking oxygen off and actually creating an anaerobic environment for bacteria to breed.

I do exactly the same as you @OldSkunk except if the seeds don’t pop, but they do sink, I transfer them to a wet paper towel and normally get them to pop also, but normally they have all sprouted before then.

Moving them to the wet paper towel will increase the amount of oxygen around the seed even more so than H²O² does.

I put my wet paper towel in between two paper plates to keep it dark.

I’m at 100% germination rates with ILGM

I got some seeds from a lab member that got their seeds from Seedsman and I lost some seeds :confused: I’m at about 80% germ rate on their seeds

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I didn’t see this…:+1:

I did put seeds in a paper towel after soaking in H2O2 water on my 3rd grow last fall and they had huge tails after 2 days. It was like they were literally growing in the paper towel. I figured I didn’t need to do that on the 4th because all the seeds had 1/4" tails after 48 hours. I think I had 2 blueberry autos fail to get going. I don’t have much luck with blueberry or amnesia haze for some reason.

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Lol they are growing, it’s the increase in dissolved oxygen.

I wouldn’t change what works for you buddy @OldSkunk :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks man. The reason I started the thread was that I’ve seen a few threads about germination problems and as I was about to do my planting for this next grow, I was thinking that it’s pretty nice to be able to plant all 18 seeds that germinated.


I have always had excelent results with superthrive. drop them in and there cracked when i wake up in morning

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@OldSkunk @Aolelon @TDubWilly @greentree @MattyBear @Bogleg … YES Blueberry has a tail . I’ll plant it in the morning . Come on Northern Lights .