Vacuum sealer used

Anyone use a vacuume sealer? If you do what kind…ours died…thanks

I don’t use one for buds, but I do for food. Bought this one, and it works great. Not very expensive either.

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FYI the only way to vacuum seal flower is to do it in jars. The suction on the bag will compress the dried/cured flower into a useless brick (except for edibles). I did it and ruined a bunch of smokable flower.


I use the one from wally world called food saver with 10 inch bags


Whichever is for sLe cheap at the thrift store. We dont seal flower except for transporting odor control. All our storage is in 5 gallon buckets with lids and bovedas

The sealers have a feature to stop the vacuum and seal at any point in the process.
It allows you to bag and seal things like soup.
I don’t use it for buds, but its a handy item for many foods.


We have a model designed to vacuum seal some square containers (small ones included with purchase). Maybe, larger are available.
Alternatively, vacuum seal bag with glass jar INSIDE bag and protecting buds.
I would have done the same until I saw this post from
@Myfriendis410 [quote=“Myfriendis410, post:3, topic:92648”]
I did it and ruined a bunch of smokable flower.

I have a Food Saver. If I ever use it for buds, I make sure to just push the air out, and seal, without putting the bag into the part that draws the vacuum. So heat sealed only.

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What kind of environment do you shoot for when storing after you seal them? I’m assuming you’re sealing the grove bags?

Once I have cured my flower in Grove bags it goes in quart Mason jars and put in a NON frost-free freezer: it will keep in there for years with no degradation. I was just smoking some Purple Haze I put down in 2018 and it was just as fresh as the day it went in the freezer.

This is how commercial grow operations store their flower: both fresh and dried.

Thanks for that. How long do you cure before freezing?

Dang seriously? I just vacuumed sealed some to send to a friend :rofl: hope it doesn’t arrive and she’s like WTF that’s a mean prank lol

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That’s kind of dependent on a lot of factors. Usually about 3 weeks.

Your friend can probably break it up enough to use if they’re desperate enough haha.