Up DayDay 1000w full spectrum LED for Blooming

I’m using this LED for seedling veg my Golf leaf is 1 month old everything looks great but concerned after reading some other posts about lighting only drawing 190watts from outlet the Manufacturer say it seed veg and bloom I don’t want airy buds this is my first grow by the looks of my plants now every seems to be good never seen bloom yet tho any suggestions or just keep going with this Light


I made the same mistake and ordered a light just like that. I got advice to order This HLG light and am about to put it together this weekend in my 2nd 2x4x5 tent.

If you want to follow along I’m updating my grow journal Here.

I’ll also be running my crappy lights on two plants and we will see how they compare.

Jonny Utah

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How big is the area you intend on flowering?

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Ok cool I’ll follow ur grow thanks :+1:t3:

I’m using a 32x32x64 grow tent

That’s a little over 7sq ft. A blurple 190w light is good for just under 4sq ft. You will be under lit for flowering

What do u recommend?

i bought that exact same light. it quit working after 5 months. they have a 1 year warranty. customer service promised me a new light. 2 months later when i didnt have it i left them bad reviews on amazon they emailed me to please take down my reviews and i had a new light in 2 days. next to the beginner hlg and the spider farm it is seriously lacking. do yourself a favor bite the bullet and buy your lights one time at HLG or you will end up with a collection of lights like i did that the total spent would have been a great light.

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Any recommendations what light to buy ? Thx

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How much do you want to grow per year? Is this something that you think you will upgrade grow space? If so you might just hold off and get a Quantum Board from HLG to fit your larger grow space. Just a thought.

My question would be more on this side. How much do you intend to smoke daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If you want to smoke a lot, HLG will give you the results.

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I growing 4 plants auto flower seeds the Gold leaf
Is 1 month and the other 3

AK White Widow blue berry 2-3 weeks so far they look good with the light I’m using a lot of different opinions about what light to use

Nah, I think everyone here agrees the HLG lights are best. Look around and poke in on other people’s grow journals and you’ll see this as a recurring theme. Whatever you choose to do though; it’s your space and you know best your situation.

Yeah I’ll do what ever it takes to get dense buds Iv only had this LED for 1 month I haven’t tried it in Bloom only seed and veg I guess if it doesn’t bud these auto flowers I’m changing immediately I just checked those out on amazon put 1 in the cart ready to go
Thanks for ur expertise and feedback really appreciate it :love_you_gesture:t2:

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