Time for a new light, would like sum opinions

I’m about 9 days into flower, currently using vilizon 1200w, and 2 600w leds for 4 plants. They are actuall doing good, but I know I’m under powered, Actual power is about 450 watts, time to get serious if I want good bud, so theses are my picks, horticulture hLG 550v2, 480 watts, 3000 or 4000 spectrum? Or a California light works solar extreme 1000, 800 watt full spectrum. Both around $900.00, led grow light depot.com. I’m figuring a 5x5 area and I don’t want dark spots. Thx for any help

Neither will be big enough for a 5x5. For HLG you would need 5-6 boards for the space. I would DIY 6xQB288V2 (3000K)(w/heatsink for $89 each), 3xHLG240H-C2100A(Jameco @$57 each) and L bracket frame and still come in less then a premade HLG550.

Alternatively you could create a DIY LED strip build with Samsung strips (~25-30 strips @$11.7ea) and 3x HLG(185 or 240)H-C1050A @$57 each and U and L bracket for mount/frames. @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie


I would also go a little bigger than hlg-550 flowering a 5x5.

I doubt I will grow 4 plants again, my next grow will be 2 plants scogged in a 4x4 and most likely keep that floor plan, so will the California light works at 800 watts be good lighting? I currently have my 4 plants in a l shape with the 1200w led in the corner covering 2 plants and a 600w on each of the other plants, i can and do electrical work, but building these is foreign to me. I would need a whole list of shit to buy, my budget is $900.00 tops.

Pretty big difference between 4x4 and 5x5, if you plan on doing 4x4 hlg-550 is good. If you want to build, that’s fine too. Lots of different options there, none of which are very difficult

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No mater how many plants you grow, your yield will be limited by the true watts and the efficiency of the LED’s. I do not know the effectiveness/efficiency and true wattage of CLW lights, but the Samsung LED’s used in HLG has strips are capable of 2.6-3jouls/W efficiencies and do not need active cooling like the CLW lights.

DIY is not very difficult. I built mine on a plate of aluminum, but most use the aluminum L/U bracket framing from Home Depot/Lowe’s. It’s just cutting drilling and mounting of the boards and drivers on the brackets and easy wiring. Pretty simple if you are handy.

How about the timber redwood vs? timber led lights.com

What about the HLG 600H model?
3000k boards
Will flower up to 5x5
Veg 6x7
Dimmer standard from growerslights 10%-100%
May be overkill for your 2 plant grow but if you decided to fill up your tent it has you covered.

Just a thought

All I can find is the 550

I found it. Thx. Hmmm let’s see

I ended up ordering the glh 600h, hopefully it’s not late, 9 days into flower. Thx again folks

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I read alot about the best lights to use. And I agree for most with non led units. I myself am using Leds. But limits are my issue. I found that you can only have and use what ones buget allows for. I wish I could get away with LPS, MH, HPS. But I can’t. So I go with my leds. I know I won’t get huge buds like I see so many people have. I’m ok with that. My expectations for what I am running went beyond what I am seeing with my plants now during flowering. I run a 2000w unit and it’s doing fine for me. Yes I would love to go better lighting. But not right now. I would love to grow outside but as for my area. I can’t. For what I do is to please me. I grow for personal use. My harvest coming will be enough to get me by for a long time. I am a weekend smoker and usually only twist one up on my Saturday nights. If you are one that uses leds. Go with the thought that your plants will not grow huge flowers/buds. And if they do. Then feel happy. That way you are never disappointed with your out come.
Just my opinion and it works for me.
What works for everyone has been their choice and budget and works for them. Their is a great bunch of growers here. And I am thankful for them as people here will point you in the right place. But all that being said. Only you can go with what you can afford. Good luck in your choice for new lighting.

I agree, my present lights are fine for vegging, and I think the 1200 would be good for one plant, but as a newbie I made the uneducated estimate that I could run 4 plants, I’m usually the kind of guy that makes sure I have the right tools for the job, but not this time. I haven’t been a smoker for quite sum time, I bought sum Cindy 99, and sum northern lights, and did nothing but cough and gag, again un educated on the strains, grower, typical, who knows, so we made gummies out of all of it, and we like these. It’s a gradual high, and lasts longer, and I think we got like 2,000 gummies, so they last a long time. Also the three lights were running a lot of electricity, so now I have one good light that will easily handle 3 plants in my 4x4 area.Leds are much simpler, in my basement all I need is a tub of water, small fan and a small ceramic heater on a timer,