Understanding Fox Farm feeding schedule

Just thought I would maybe throw this out there and see if anyone has any input for me.

When it comes to the fox farm feeding schedule, how exactly would/should one go about applying the information that it contains in said picture below?

For example, it says for seeds and cuttings to use 6 tsp of the big bloom concentrate, but it also says to feed every other watering. Also at the same time, it says to feed twice a week. Should I be giving my plants 2 gallons of water (using distilled water ph’d to 6.5) with nutes added a week? So 2 gallons at 12 tsp of big bloom concentrate. Or should I be giving it 1 gallon of water with 6 tsp of big bloom in it twice a week? Or 1 gallon with 6 tsp once a week and 1 gallon of fresh clean ph’d at 6.5 water once a week?

I understand these are more or less guide lines for what you can do provided your plant is using up all the water your giving it during any day/week. But striving for the best possible product you can possibly grow through different techniques is something I’d like to master.

Thanks for the help!


I use the soil trio (green shaded) and use 1/2 of what it says every other watering. I water about every 3 days.


Have you measured your PPM when you combine everything into your water mix? If not are you getting any kind of nute burn while doing it this way?

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And you should give it the amount of water it needs and add the appropriate amount of nutrients for that amount of water.

For example. My 6 plants take 2.8 gallons every 3 days. I mix 3 gallons with the green highlighted stuff @ 1/2 of what it says in each gallon. So, if it says 6 tsp, I’m putting 3 in each gallon. I add all three nutrients to the same gallon of water, shake it, PH it (after adding nutes) and pour.


At the time it raised my TDS PPM’s by 280 but I was only using 2 of the 3 nutes @ 25% of what it says. I haven’t checked since jumping up to 50% and all three nutes. Flower starts tomorrow so first watering with all three was today.

The other thing is I’m in Fox Farm Ocean Forest so I’m staying light on nutes for now as to not burn the plants.

And no, no burns. All look pretty healthy.


Yeah, I use Ocean Forest as well, I just wanted to make sure before I fully committed to this feeding schedule that I had the measurements all down. I don’t want to take a cutting or a seedling and burn it to death right out the gate by feeding it to many nutes at once.


How old are they? If in Ocean Forest you don’t need to start feeding until at least 4 weeks. I started at about 4.5 weeks, which is why I went and still going so light on the nutes. Better safe than sorry.

I guess you mention seed at the top so probably a seedling. I wouldn’t give them anything but water if you’re in Ocean Forest soil.


Well for now I just have some seeds that my buddy gave me from one of his friends. I don’t even know what strain it is and I’m already in week 7 of flowering. To be completely honest, since I don’t know what strain it is and I don’t have my setup the way that I want it I haven’t been doing everything perfect. I have some AK-47 on the way and by the time this grow finishes I’ll be ready to start the AK. I still need a new light and need to purchase a few more nutes.


Ah, gotcha. Well, hopefully, I gave some info, probably a bit long winded. This Pineapple Express I’m smoking jacks me up! haha

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Hey man it’s all good! You gave me the information that I needed. I just gave my plants some beastie bloomz last week and I did it the way that you explained it because I didn’t want to destroy what I’d been working on already. Good to see that I’m not completely incompetant lol!


FYI ff schedule assumes your feeding every other day or third day
Water feed water water feed =twice a week
I found this schedule not to be necessary
But I use larger pots than most 15 with good results
I feed once every 8 to10 days
While watching ppm and ph in run off
I judge how much to feed bybppm of my run off when watering
Just my experience and 2cents worth


Are you feeding Any nutes before the first four to six weeks?
I just ordered 2 bags of. FFOF soil and from what I’ve read there really wasn’t any need for nutes before 5 weeks


Nothing. Just water for 4.5 weeks.

At seedlings, I tried some root starter stuff but that didn’t go well, otherwise nothing but water.

Excellent,that’s what I thought, I was planning my grow on that schedule
Thanks :fish:

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I started at 25% strength of what their schedule says for 2 or 3 feedings now to 1/2 strength and I’m thinking I’ll keep it at that. I’d rather creep it up then see burn.


Also, if you go longer in VEG than their schedule show, just keeps repeating the last VEG week on the schedule until you switch to flower, then jump to the first flower week.

If that makes any sense.


Hmmmm…OK, I’ll make the call there, thanks

I still need to get a PPM meter so I don’t measure that. And I do feed before week 5 of veg, but I generally don’t give my single plant a whole gallon of water, it doesn’t really need it. That and I do half the suggested amount of nutrients.

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@FyshhTrap this is true I treated my FFOF with Azos and Mykos then watered with mammoth P only and my results are dramatically better this time as far as early growth . Last time was my first and I went nuts adding and mixing extras in and had to wade through flushing it right back out when the leafs began to twist. My only suggestion is to mix about a cup per gallon of DE ( food grade ) in the soil and mix it well then sprinkle some on top . The guy at Southern States where I got it this time said he has been getting a few complaints of gnats from a people


I use coco-peat (equal parts coir and sphagnum) heavy with vermiculite and perlite cut moderately with organic potting soil (to avoid Cal-Mag products) enriched with organic non soluble granules for slow release and the hydroponic trio with addition of alska fish fertilizer (5/1/1) for balance of nitrogen as needed swapped with the 3 part soluble bloom enhancement series (Open Sesame/Beastie Blooms/Ch-Ching) for flowering. I have been told I use too many different fertilizers many times over by many people, but the variety feed has served me well over the years. I water daily and monitor how much they take in and adjust accordingly to equal or less than daily consumption feeding every three to five days 1 ml per quart as listed for tsp/gal (for 4/5 tsp gal dilution) as needed until they reach dry and than feed based on week and water back up over the next one to two days and resume daily watering and weekly feeding as before. Full tsp/gal tends to burn to the point of crisp tips within a day even if followed by water, 4/5 tsp (4ml)/gal doesn’t damage from overfeeding as long as it is given less often and immediately watered if leaf tips curl up. Everything is given at Ph controlled and buffered @ 5.0-5.5 for optimal uptake of the medium and peak release of magnesium and calcium. i get up to two inch a day growth under 1 bank (out of 3) of 2x4’ T5HO paired with a 150w HPS. Take note: they don’t always get 2 feedings of each weeks scheduled feed and the 3 part soluble bloom enhancement series (Open Sesame/Beastie Blooms/Ch-Ching) should only be given once to twice each at critical points (timing is everything) by 1/2 stand-alone instructions if not on a refgular feeding day and 1/2 of “with other nutrients” instructions if it is, though i tend to give them a day apart in this case, enhancer first so as not to over-power them with it. Open Sesame is best given the day of or before the first 12/12 cycle and again 2 weeks later if needed (ie. branches without buttons), essentially on the last day weeks 4 and again on the open of 6 if needed . Beastie Blooms is best given as soon as the buttons open and every 2 weeks until Giving cha-ching on the start of the second to last week and again on the start of the final week to promote ripening (Cha-Ching can also be used twice a week to encourage early ripening of longer-haul strains, though I highly reccomend against this technique if you are looking for any kind of quality, especially in quantity), and here is where it gets tricky: Beastie Blooms on the close of weeks 6, 8, & 10 for ALL strains (and 12 &14 for longer flowering strains as applicable), and Cha-Ching on the start of week 11 & 12 for 8 week strains, 12 & 13 for 9 week, 13 &14 for 10 week, 14 &15 for 11 week and 15 &16 for full twelve week strains. You have to know what you are working with to time them right. They contain high feed ratios along with essential and non-essential micronutrients for thriving, exceptional blossoms. But over using them or mis-using them can really hurt your yeild’s end-weight or quality or even both. Some people even urge to use them in place of one scheduled feeding for the week, but I end up seeing a lot of deficiencies whenever I have tried it that way in anything but soil, and lacked the brunt of the desired effect given in place of one feeding each week in soil. I have used the 3-part soluble enhancement series for years on more than just cannabis, and with it grown a 3lb foot-and-a-half Jalapeno, a half pound Habernero the size of a softball, vines full of 1-2 pounder Tomatoes, and Sunflowers with 3 foot to 4 foot across HEADS weighing in at up to 35 lbs of flower cut from tree-trunk sized stalk (4’ diameter and 12’ high) bearing up to 23 lbs of sunflower seeds each, and did it using the method described above for timing. Bottom line: use less than it says once to twice weekly depending on how fast your plants go through nutrients. Bigger plants need every other watering feeds on sometimes 2-3 times a day watering. And in hydro systems its 2-3 ml/gal to reach the recommended/desired EC and PPM, even starting with RO water each change. In my systems I change the water every other week, run the system with clean water for about 2 hours to help flush everything out and reduce nutrient residue, and change it again using the appropriate concentration for the starting week and topping off the second week with pre-adjusted solution for the appropriate week. This does not always get the appropriate nutrient levels, but it’s much less work than changing out a dozen systems each and every week. I hope this helps understand how the schedules work for those needing it.

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