Did I already screw up?

Okay @garrigan62 just read your post from yesterday about to much feeding and using a nutrient packed soil . On hear I had seen a lot of people using FFOF but said it was to hot . So I also got Black gold organic and mixed them at about equal amounts plus quite a bit of perlite my question is should I just flush most of the nutrients out of the soil now and start over feeding as they show me they need it or wait and see what happens ? I chose FFOF because I heard on here that the nutrients in it could get the girls through most of the veg stage . I have the Big bloom , Grow big and Tiger bloom from FF also but am lost with conflicting advice on follow the feeding schedule only use 25 % or 50% of what the schedule says so I am leaning on your advice as you have the Grow Mentor tag by your name . Hope I’m not being to much of a pain but all I have ever been is a smoker and know only what I have read in the Grow Bible and on here and a bunch of it is contradicts each other . Also @Aquaponic_Dumme I just ran across a old post of yours where you shared the term and definitions used on here and that has helped me understand much better what I’m reading thank you for that again .


…you can’t flush the nutrients out there in the soil, they dissolved over weeks and months

I use Fox Farm ocean forest exclusively and I’ve never had an issue. I go from seedling to final pot

Also you have no pictures and I didn’t see what stage the plants were at ? …if they’re seedlings they don’t need nutrients right away
-good luck


Thank you for confidence in me. I now mix my own soil. I used to use MG time release.
You don’t need to flush as @Paranorman mentioned.
Just go easy with the nutrients. Start off with 25% that’sm what I do and styat 50%.
Remind me later andi will post what I use and. how much of it


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@Paranorman @garrigan62 thanks a bunch guys

here is a pic they came out of the soil on 9/6 in the evening they are WW from ILGM and will be ten days old at about 9 tonight . The one with the stumpy leaf is Nemo lol


how is your lighting and what is the PH of the soil a nd what kind of soil :heart_eyes:

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@livewire61 1000 watt led with 272 or 278 true watts soil is about half and half Fox farms ocean forest and black gold oh and a couple of small 40 watt florescent bulbs about eight inches away . Haven’t watered them enough to test the runoff because of the Grow Bible saying to just spray them for the first couple weeks to water the water has been between 5.7 and 6.5 PH and I use rain water when I spray though

sounds like your doing everything right maybe start with a little nitrogen if your soil doesn’t have any check your bags of soil to find nitrogen level . Maybe support team can give you a better answer. :sunglasses:

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Okay @garrigan62 here is a update

on one hand they seem to be really healthy but they are staying short the main stem is getting bulky and fattening up but are starting to get tiny white spots .reading in the Grow Bible and on here that it was probably spider mites . I saw none but I don’t have very good eyes . So I did the 70% water 30% alcohol and misted top and bottom of leafs . Today the neem oil I ordered came and I mixed it with water and sprayed the spots have stopped spreading. Okay the question part is why are the leaves so wide is that a sign of something being done wrong or just a characteristic of some plants I moved the light up to about 25 inches away to try and get them to stretch . And if the white spots end up being mold is there a spray that is best to use for that to? Thanks in advance bud sorry to keep being so needy

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They’re short because the roots are growing

The leaves are wide because it’s an indica

I also think you should treat for spider mites

I can’t tell if it’s the lighting but it looks a little pale like it might need some nutes
-good luck!


Those leaves are typical of seedlings under led lighting.

Glad you caught the mites early. Might be good to spray the enclosure that is around the plant with the alcohol mix or bleach water in case they came in on a shoe or something.

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Thanks guys will threat whole room carpet couch and all already did inside and out side of tent with water and alcohol just treated the plants with neem oil will close off tent tomorrow when lights go out and spray room with a non residual insecticide . Will the neem oil be enough for plants ?

@garrigan62 has more info on treatments …make sure you treat for several weeks because they’ll come back on you if you give them any chance at all ?
-best of luck!

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Thank you @Paranorman, that was great advice you gave him. But for now he seems to have it under control.
But just in case I’m ready to help. Did some checking and of couild be a number of things. Do for now I choose to hang title for now… There’s not much to go to n his ad of yet

@Oldstoner, your doing the right thing if anytyjing changes let me know I’m on it…

lol. Anf don’t forget most problem we bring there n from pit side. Something to think sbout



Okay no more dogs in the room with the Grow tent and I will make sure I use clean clothes when I go in if that is the case it is probably my guard dog

he won’t leave my side and when I am not home he won’t even let people he has known all his life in the house with my family so when even my relatives come over she has to put him up . It will break his heart but no more following me into the play room



I here ya buddy, She go’s where i go same thing here lmao

Saddie she go’s where I go…lol



She is gorgeous . I am having a real problem with mine he lays at the top of the stairs and whines till I come back up stairs. These two could not care less but Sinbad thinks there is a problem between us already . He doesn’t even let the other dogs get even close to the top of the stairs

this is the girls we had to get females because he attacks other males on sight . I am the only alpha he recognizes and I think I am just going to have to keep a stock pile of neem oil . I have washed him groomed him he always gets his topical flea treatment and a garlic supplement to help with it . This morning I went to the vet and got mite meds for his ears but she said he has none so I will just have to be vigilant on my plants . But nothing is more important than him .@garrigan62 Is neem oil okay to use on a regular basis as a prevention or should i wait for a problem to arise .


I m in the car rightnow. But when I get back. I got an excellent write u on how to use been oil without making your leaves oily ml

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Here ys go

Solution to fixing a Boron deficiency
One of the ways you can fix a boron deficiency is to either foliar spray or water regular. Treat with one teaspoon of Boric acid (sold as eyewash) per gallon of water. (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients or it will cause nutrient burn!) Other nutrients that have boron in them are: Borax, Boric Acid, Colemanite, Sodium pentaborate, Sodium tetraborate, which are ALL fast absorption. Garden Manure, Bone Meal are both good boron supplements, but are slow/medium absorption.

Now if you added to much chemical nutrients and or organics, (which is hard to burn your plants when using organics) you need to flush the soil with plain water. You need to use 2 times as much water as the size of the pot, for example: If you have a 5 gallon pot and need to flush it, you need to use 10 gallons of water to rinse out the soil good enough to get rid of excessive nutrients.

Related entries

Neem oil is a highly effective and 100% natural pesticide, extracted from the seeds of the Neem tree in India. Neem oil is non-toxic to animals or people.Neem is systemic.

Neem oil is most effective when used as a preventive, meaning that you spray every crop regardless of whether or not you see a pest.

Many growers seem to be put off by its oiliness, finding sprayers clogged and plants left coated in oil. The solution is to get the oil broken down and suspended in the water, then we can get it onto the plants.


1 litre warm water
8ml cold-pressed Neem oil
5ml liquid soap

Note: If your Neem oil appears solid and/or cloudy it is most likely too cold. Run the bottle under warm water for a few minutes until the Neem oil is easier to work with. Shake it well.

8ml of Neem oil + 1 litre of warm water

you can see that the oil and water are completely separated…

8ml of Neem oil + 5ml of liquid soap in 1 litre of water.

NOTE - you may have to add more or less soap, depending on the strength of your soap. When you can see soap bubbles youve got it right.

Shake this in your sprayer, it should make a milky-white liquid, with no oilfloating on top. Leave it to settle for a few seconds. If there are any oil droplets floating on the top, add a little more soap, drop by drop, (keep shaking) until theoil is gone. Dont be surprised if you have to add more soap than I did. Now you are ready to spray.

Spray everywhere, especially under the leaves where critters hang around. Get those plants dripping wet. Keep shaking while you spray.

IMPORTANT - you must repeat this application every 3 days for at least 2 weeks (3 weeks if you want to be 110% sure)

This is important because Neem oil doesnt directly kill bugs (amongst other things it stops them from reproducing, feeding and molting their skins). So in effect, it breaks their life cycle.

This means you need to spray for at least the length of one life cycle, which for spider mites in ideal conditions (like most growrooms) is around 2 weeks, sometimes a little longer.

I use this method for the first 2 weeks of 12/12. It was taught to me by a professional grower of 20 years experience. He also uses this recipe as a soildrench (Neem is systemic and therefore there is no need to spray if soildrenching)

I have used it as a foliar spray for about a year now and have had no problems with mites or any other vermin, large or small. Skeptical friends have also been won over to this system.


If you are facing an infestation emergency, you can add Pyrethrum to the above mix. I challenge any nuclear-proof insect in the world to survive the twin pain ofNeem and Pyrethrum.

Notes on Ingredients:

Cold-pressed Neem oil has much higher levels of active ingredients and is well worth the money. A good place to find this stuff is from a Pharmacy that stocks herbal remedies. (It is used as a treatment for head lice.)

If your Neem oil appears solid and/or cloudy it is most likely too cold. Run the bottle under warm water for a few minutes until the Neem oil is easier to work with. Shake it well.

Liquid Soap - plain unperformed, boring liquid soap. Personally I don’t let that stuff anywhere near my plants, but many do, and if you’re one of them you may find you need less than if using liquid soap. Experiment a little when you shake the mixture. Plain liquid soap is much more gentle than washing-up detergent.

Pyrethrum is extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. It is a highly effective and 100% natural insecticide. It is also one of the safest, bearing little threat to mammals. Pyrethrum degrades quickly once sprayed.

Editors note: Liquid soap is similar to Safers soap (a fat based liquid soap mixture). Safers suffocates and dessicates (dries out) insects. Works good, but can also clog leaf stomata, so a follow-up spray of water is required

He this helps



Will thanks so much I am going to use this starting asap I already have the cold pressed neem oil but have just been mixing with regular water . I have not started using nutrients yet as they are now in ffof soil and it is doing a good job at making them jump up . The pics from above only germinated around the third and are showing a almost daily growth rate and new leaves are showing up even faster they are a nice dark green except for a few tiny white flecks but the flecks have stopped showing up so I hope the issue is under control . Once again thank you for your help I will get a couple of fresh pics so you can see the girls