Anyone use fox farm nuets

Hello everyone im just trying to find anyone running indoor autoflower grows in soil an also using fox farm nuets. Im Pretty much looking for a mentor if there’s any1 who doesn’t mind teaching an helping me learn techniques and things to do when an how to do it. You definitely will be appreciated over here


I have used FF nutes in the past, i still use a little “grow big” sometimes.
I now use mostly general hydroponics maxi series.

But what soil are you growing in and where are you in the process?

Theres lots of folks around here that love to help new growers out so you’re in the right place to get some help :wink:

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Im using ff happy frog mixed with ff ocean forest. Im currently on week 5 an have definitely hit a few pot holes. Im running a sour diesel auto an 2 mix strains.


Sad part is the 2 oldest dont look like that right now the shorter bushy 1 leaves are hanging an the sour diesel i just broke a stalk tryna do some Lst smh

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I can not read my ppm at the moment no device an also im manually testing ph my pin is giving all the wrong readings which led me to the teouble im in now temps range from 72 to 74 fh humidity ranging from low 40s to high 50s

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Definitely dont look to bad at all my freind :+1:
Trust me we see alot worse sometimes :sweat_smile:

A ph pen and a tds meter are really important to get success from every plant. They become almost necessary once supplemental nutrients are started.

Your plants look very healthy though so far so well done really.
Any way you could get a ph and tds meter?
Just a $20 cheap set is better then nothing but if you could spring for something $40-$100 each would get you top end ones.
They are a very worth while investment…


Yea they dont look like that right now lbs the 1 u can see flowering i just broke a stalk doing Lst not completely off but its broke then the big bushy 1 leaves are hanging down like arms the smallest 1 still look the same i wonder if my plants are dry i only use about a 1/2 gallon of water each feed maybe im so scared to over water im not watering enough those are 5 gallon pots . Also today was my 1st time using tiger bloom im hoping for alot of growth these next weeks an if not hey this is my first time an i know im dam sho gon do better next run


Over watering happens from watering too often and not letting it dry out between waterings. Not by using too much water at one time.


My FF advice is as follows.
Always ad 25% perlite to FF soil.

Always follow the FF flushing schedule

Always ph liquids to 6.8ph

If using RO water, always add calmag on water only days.


Im using distilled where im at our tap not drinkable so i wouldn’t dare giving it to my pĺants an im just now in week 5 which means its time to flush honestly i dont know if im gonna flush or not so much mixed info on whether to do it or not🤷🏿‍♂️ but here’s an update on all 3 of my girls just took the pic this a.m an last night which was lights on for them i hit them with some tiger bloom

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I started my grow journey using FF soils and Nutes. The added perlite definitely helps with drainage and allows for a bit faster growth due to the soil’s ability to dry out a little faster so the roots get more oxygen.

Starting feeds should always be started weaker than the directions so you don’t over fertilize and burn the plants up.

Flushing in soil with salt based nutes like fox farms is highly recommended. The salts build up in the soil over time and it throws the soil pH off that can lead to the plants not being able to uptake the nutrients you’re providing them. Doing a flush helps remove the salt buildup and resets the soil for your next stage of growth. The debates over flushing are generally related to a pre-harvest flush and weather or not it removes fertilizer from the finished product or if it changes flavors…

So basically, I recommend you flush according to the FF feed schedule and not to use full strength nute mixes right away.

If you’re able, take current pictures of your plants showing us exactly where your issues are. The low hanging leaves could possibly just be trimmed off without issue but we don’t know what they look like. Your broken branch on the sour D can most likely be fixed by dabbing some honey on the wound then gently applying tape like duct tape over it. Honey acts as an antiseptic and promotes healing, the tape would be for support.

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I have the stalk supported but i haven’t added honey yet heres a pic of all 3 the 1 in the smaller pot is like a week behind the other 2

The shorter bushy 1 is back sagging tho dont know y it the leaves keep hanging but those pics are from this a.m im in week 5 an i definitely appreciate all the info

Its not sagging in that pic but right now it is

The 1 to the left is original sour diesel auto an the other 2 are from a mix pack got them from 42 fast buds

How it actually look atm


That droop is normal. The plants learn the light schedule after a little while so when they used to it being close to dark hours they will prepare themselves and begin to droop. Some will perk back up just before or shortly after and others take a little longer.
They all look happy and healthy to me honestly

The only other potential issue is the micro climate that develops inside that bushy canopy. It can hold a lot of humidity especially with lower leaves close to the pot.

I personally trim the bottom a little by this stage to help with airflow and to make watering and feeding a little easier. If it’s an auto or photo I do that but some growers don’t like to mess with autos to much because it can trigger early flowering I believe. It’s just not an issue that I have personally experienced yet so I do it.


So for sure you are gonna wanna change over to ro water. Distilled is about 1.50 a gallon while RO can be gotten at a filling station at about 2.50 for 5 gallons. Your pocket book will thank you.

Because you are using RO or Distilled you need to add calmag on water only days. Without it the water is ph unstable. No matter what you set it to prior to pouring. It cant hold it without 300-350ppm tds


Im still. at seedling stage, and we do have a RO system, and PH is about 6.5ish… is there a certain amount of cal mag or ph value I need achieve on water only days?

asking for the near future… I’ll be using FF trio on my nute days


Water with a tds of less then 300-350ppm is considered ph unstable. This means that it wont hold the ph it is set too, instead it will adopt the ph of the media you pour it into. You will need to add up to 350ppm calmag then ph your water to 6.5-6.8. IME with FF nutes and soil is to always ph any liquids to 6.8ph.

The Fox Farm Trio is some good Nutrients! I had some good outdoor growing using it :+1:


Thanks for that info im definitely switching over