Two seedlings one peat pot

Newbie put more than one seed in the peat pot. Do I need to seperate the seedlings before planting or can they grow in the same pot?

You’re more likely to damage both plants by trying to separate them.

Unless these are irreplaceable seeds, I advise you to kill one and let the other live.

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Great idea. Not irreplaceable at all. Any way to tell which is the better seedling or are they all pretty much equal? (In the photo the shorter one sprouted after the longer one)

Keep the one with the bigger baby leaves . Bigger baby leaves = more starting nutrients = stronger start

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I disagree, keep both. I grow lots of veggies and usually a couple per pea pot to maximize room. I never have any issues separating them, just be gentle. I have screwed up before and had 3 in a pot, and i separated them as well. Take entire root ball of the pot and gently massage around the middle applying a bit of pressure to break it up, repot, water and good to go. it will go easier with the soil towards the drier side. If too wet it tends to break up the soil mass in your hands.