How about jiffy pots/peat moss cups

Hello again brothers and sisters of cultivation. How about jiffy pots/peat moss cups for auto seedlings and or photo seedlings?? Seedling stage is still my rough spot.

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I use solo cups it’s the easiest for me


So I have been growing for years. Mostly I would put the seed straight to the ground, water well and come back in a few months to see what’s up.

Since I started growing indoors (and because ILGM recommends it) I started soaking the seeds first. I put them in water and peroxide until the seeds can be sunk (with H2O2 they will eventually float back up). I then put them in a paper towel until a root shows. Then they (and rooted clones) go into quart nursery bags filled with the soil the will grow in all their lives.

When it’s time to transplant, I just pop the quart bag into a bigger bag.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. No stress on the plant and no stress on the grower.

Later, if I need to, I can pop that bag into a bigger bag.


Black gold makes a good seedling starter soil. You can use the Square seed starter cups with holes in the bottom , or solo cups works fine.
Happy growing ! :+1::v:


ive been germing straight in peat pellets with the mesh removed, once it vreaks surface i plant and cover with a dome

I tried peat pots only once. Stunted my auto Bruce banners as the peat pots did not disintegrate and caused roots to bind. Had to dig the girls out discard the peat pots and replant. Actually slowed down my plants about a month. I’ll never use them again


Hello everyone. When my clones or seedlings take root I take a razor blade and slice down the peat pot five or six times right before planting. That way the roots don’t bind up. Easy access :slight_smile: just my two cents. Have fun and happy growing