Okay, I’ve been having issues getting seeds to sprout.
I decided to try a jiffy seed starter. I planted these on Friday Feb 26. Today March 1 st. They sprouted overnight, 4 out of the 6 so far. I started 4 seeds directly in 5 gallon pots the first time I tried planting ( couple weeks ago) had 2 come up.
I was worried about starting in peat pots and transplanting because these are autos.
Anyhow, here are the sprouts that came up last night.
I’m a little worried, are the gonna be okay?
Newbie needs HELP

Looks like damping off due to overly wet root. How much have you been watering?

The best way to handle watering seedlings is to place a humidity dome over the seedlings (or each individual seedling) and misting inside the dome(s) a couple of times a day. The pots will then need very little water, if any at all, until they get a little bigger.

Only wet the peat pellets till they absorbed water. Dumped any excess out. Planted seeds Friday, can up last night. How should I proceed?
The first attempt of starting seeds ( 2 weeks ago)
I planted them directly in 5 gallon pots with domes.
2 came up (1 mutation) and 2 didn’t sprout

I have no problems transplanting Autoflowers. As soon as roots come through the rooting cubes get them transplanted into a pot or they will stop growing. Smaller pots are easier to deal with, no need to plant in final pot.

Thanks for the advice! Need it!

Seedlings that size should only be getting a couple ml of water a day at most.

Yeah I haven’t given them any, just what I used to start the pellets

Try Rapid Rooters next time, I have had great luck with them. Tried peat pods before & didn’t do as well.

So these girls all made it😊

I thought they were all gonna die, happy to report, they made it!