Germination problems - Peat pots?

I’m having trouble getting my soaked seeds to take to soil. The little baby sprouts that I am getting just never break loose into a seedling. Are peat pots a good choice so that I don’t need to transfer after sporuting?

I like jiffy pop things you add water and they expand. Great for clones and seeds. I also find that napkin germinate works well to and most will back you if documented. So many different variables can affect seedlings. How long has it been it can take a week befor they really take off

What are jiffy pot things?

My seeds sat for at least 10 days after planting. Do you give them much light? I spray with a mister to keep the soil damp.

If there is green above ground lots of light did you water to much. Peat pellets they cone with a hydro dome they are for seed propagation

Google google my fine sir. Or you can download free bible I. ILGM website when you become a member I believe Is awesome place to start. Is free

@chstr1 I’ve had better luck with rapid rooters.
Jiffy peat pots tend to get over watered, and drown the seedlings.
Rapid rooters I get wet, the squish out the excess until they’re moist, not saturated.

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I second the rapid rooters!

How long are you soaking the seeds?

Until I get a small sprout emerging; usually about 5 days

You may have damaged the tap root. Try just soaking them overnight, or until they sink. Then go straight into the rapid rooter, jiffy pod, soil, or whatever. That way, the seed is still protected by its hull while it’s being handled.

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Thank you; I ordered some jiffy rooters today. Hope that will increase my success rate.

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