2 Seeds In 1 Pot

I have small 2x2x2 inch seed pots, in a couple of them 2 seedlings have come up, already 2.5 inches in the same pot. How should I go about separating these and when? I have been away for about a week so when I got back this is what I found. Im in New Zealand and its just starting to warm up. Today is cold but they are in an incubator type setup so doing ok for 3/4 day old seedlings. Destined for outdoors. These are out on my deck and have shelter at the moment inside their incubator.

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I’d carefully tip the pot they are in slowly and try to get as much dirt out with the roots into you hand. Then you can slowly and carefully shake the dirt off the roots. Then try to see if they will separate. I’d so, you are golden. When I say shake I don’t mean vigoursly. I mean very, very slow.

This is why you don’t grow multiple seeds of the same pot. The roots are very touchy at this point and so is the stem of the plant.

I hope this helps you out. I put my seeds straight into the grow bucket once it has a tap root. I’ve lost plants from trying to transplant.


Thanks Mr Peat, not sure how it happened but I noticed all 24 seeds came up but 2 in 2 pots and 2 empty pots. Pretty sure I wasnt stoned when I put them in, I do need glasses now tho lol

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Good luck…it takes a delicate hand to do this. I’m more like a Bull in a China Shop with nerve damage to my spine.

Your going to want to sub mergers the bucket in water and let the soil soften up and jus pluck em out usually come right out while the soil is still submerged may take a few mins to soften up if you dont wanna use ur hands to break or loosen it up but be careful u might wanna let them get a little hardier first they will be ok

hes 2 plants in 1 pot in second week of flower in 1 gallon pot …they were maybe clones I threw em in flower room as soon as I saw new growth and it tripled in size in a little over a week I’m not gonNa separate em I might add some more dirt to pot but there. Essentially small plants freshly rooted clones strait into flower they should be ok the best weed I ever grew was in a half gallon pot so 2 ina 1 gallon should be fine I no plenty if p that grow 2 plants a pot on here @Hogmaster does this often

I forgot about submerging them in water. Ugh…lol

Or why not transfer to a larger pot than the rest and transplant both together. You didn’t mention if they were feminized or regular. I ask because you might need to cull some anyways.

dont know, just random seeds I got of a mate, how do u tell if a seed is male or female?

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If the seeds were feminized, they would all be female.

You won’t know until they reach sexual maturity, 4-6 weeks usually.

yeah, in the past we would put in about 20 and expect to pull out 10 males, always grown outdoors as wife is too paranoid to do the indoor jump. Too many people coming to visit. Usually it takes at least 10 weeks from seed till they start turning here once the shorter days start kicking in. Havent grown any for a few years so just getting back into the swing of things, lol.

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also have never actually bought seed

Yeah just put them in a bigger pot I don’t do it much anymore but it works

No different then multiple plants in a single hydro tote those roots I’ve seen from commercial grows are insanely mushed together no room for barley water to get through a ebb and flow system it was a side by side video duds was super scientific about it he used the whole advanced nutrient line and the heavy 16 line and like 20 plants were all in same root trough and it was a solid block of root ( no medium except rockwool cubes and the roots grow through them into the trough and pack it so the pot is just a smaller vessel…they will require more attention the single plant pots of same size if you want them to keep up because there gonna use double the water and set out faster

I know this is old, but I have successfully parted plants with very little root disturbance buy laying flat on a rubbermaid lid and gently spray water on them, slowly washing away the material. Then you can carefully work them apart and get them back into soil fairly quickly. Give them a few drops of water and place under gentle light for 24/7 cycle until they smarten up!