Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

Sammi the GDP keeps growing, has lots of bud sites, and is taking on a sweet lemon pepper scent. :yum: Day 41 from sprout, day 8 of flower:

The space mates (since they share a space, not a tent :crazy_face:) :


Looking great and Sammi is so TALL. Rosie’s color just knocks me out, and she’s getting some nice fat buds.

I do enjoy the early flowering stage, as the spiral develops. It’s always a beautiful sight.


Sammi the GDP is still doing some flowering stretch and is starting to fill out nicely. Day 46 from sprout, day 13 of flower:

The lighting doesn’t show up too well, her are her two spiral queens:

Rosie the CBD is getting some fade and orange pistils, it’s about that time. Soon, she’s going to start looking like The Joker. Day 53 from sprout, day 25 in flower:

Yeah, for me, lol, since I’ve been used to shorter plants with the past couple grows. Sammi’s pot is a 3-gallon (not the usual 2-gallon that I use) that is taller than it is wide, so that could have an effect, that and maybe the new HLG light, besides her just doing what she wants to do.

I looked through my journal for the first plant I topped, and I didn’t note if I had trained the top two colas after topping it … I think that I did … I know that I didn’t train the top two colas on my last plant post-top, which spoiled me since it didn’t take much to get an even canopy with her. Going forward, after I top, I’ll train the top two colas on my future plants.


Our babies grow up so FAST!!! :sob: :sob:


Lights out.


Beautiful :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :ok_hand:


Wow Rosie is a chunker!

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@Graysin Yeah, Rosie has surprised me, RQS says that that they are small plants and customer reviews love the plants but complain about the small yield.

Sammi has also surprised me, and if you recall, I had considered culling Sammi as a young seedling when she didn’t look “normal”. You suggested not to, adding that I’ll likely get an ounce from her. Well, now she’s a a little monster, and I won’t be surprised to get more than an ounce, lol. Today I looked up various GDP (auto) plant pictures, as she looks more Sativa-y to me, but it seems that GDPs can be big and have slender leaves, even though being Indica, and despite Blimburn Seeds saying it’s a compact plant. Well, no complaints from me, haha.

Oh, and Blimburn genetics are probably good, :grin: , contrary to my earlier comments when the first seed was a dud and then little Sammi looked weird.

At some point, I will do the gentle “crush” test that you mentioned on the other GDP seeds that are pale. I have them in the fridge and I don’t like to pull them out unless I need to, but I keep the house so cold in the winter, it’s probably not a biggie. :cold_face: :sweat_smile:

Thank you for all of your help and suggestions!


Well that was quick! For grins and a reference point, I looked at Rosie’s trichomes this morning only to see that they are mostly cloudy! Since she still has some white pistils, that sorta through me off. I want to harvest at peak cannabinoid level or not much after, so I don’t want amber, at least only a minimal amount.

I poked around the forum, and another member offered this video on when to harvest CBD plants that looked familiar - turns out that I had saved it in my favorites, probably about a year ago, lol. Anyway, the video answered my question about my plant still having some white pistils, as it seems that often is the case when harvesting CBD plants at peak cannabinoid levels. Here is the video in case anyone is interested.

BTW, Rosie’s CBD stain is 17% CBD with only .5% THC, so there is virtually no THC that would be racy and in need of mellowing with more amber. I did see a couple amber on the sugar leaves, as well as a couple clears on the buds, but mostly cloudy. So, looks like I’ll be harvesting her soon, maybe even within the week, I’ll keep on eye on her trichomes. :grinning:


Rosie the CBD, looking about ready for a Thanksgiving harvest. Day 58 from sprout, day 30 of flower:

Sammi the GDP, filling in her colas. Day 51 from sprout, day 18 of flower:


I love those glitterbomb pictures! They both look great and Sammi is stacking nicely. Gonna be a good winter where you are! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:





I LOVE the chicken in the background! Too dang funny.


I plan to harvest Rosie in a couple-ish days. She’s only on day 60 from sprout and day 32 from flower. However, that’s what the trichomes are saying. @Graysin a few months ago you said that your experience of timetables with RQS was fairly accurate, and that’s my experience with Rosie. RQS states:


That’s Rosie, and it’s cool that it only takes two months. I’m looking forward to growing more of them.

At Rosie’s last watering this morning:

Sunshine shot yesterday:

Sammi the GDP’s buds are developing and getting frosty. Day 53 from sprout, day 20 of flower:

Buddage around her middle and lower parts, pics below. Many of her lower branches developed side branches that became very tall, it’s a little jungle in there:

Also this weekend, I plan to get a new seed started, a Durban Poison auto. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beautiful shots!! Loving the purple!!!


The color contrast on the CBD plant is insane! Very nice.


Hope you had a good Thanksgiving today, and doggone they look good. Rosie is just gawjus. Love some purple weed!


Thanks. Today wasn’t so bad, haha, but MIL and dad have dementia, so it’s sad to not be able to fully connect, both are generally happy, though. Hope your Thanksgiving was also good and free of Sally scents. This evening, I took Rosie out of the grow room.


I’m going to have to spend time in trim jail tomorrow, that Wedryer is fast.

Oh well, at least I’m going to the hand surgeon tomorrow. Cortisone shots should fix me up for a bit.

My Thanksgiving was awesome, had my one daughter, husband and my older granddaughter; and my husband’s son, wife and two teenage kids. I did all the cooking so I’m exhausted, but Odie even more so since my stepson sat with my princess and played with Odie with her. She was scared of Odie b/c he barked when she met him first time.

She ended up throwing the tennis ball for him probably 100 times. He is totally zonked!


Yeah, that’s what I’ve read. Rosie will be easy to trim, Sammi probably not, lol. All the best at the hand surgeon appt. Are you on ig, I signed up for that yesterday.