2nd grow 1st indoor in the closet

Hello all
Here’s my situation, ILGM Sour Diesel auto germinated in a shot glass, MARS ts1000 with dimmer, FFOF soil, 5gl fabric pot in a basement closet. I am no longer in California, I’m in the pacific north west on the coast hence the indoor situation.
I’m not expecting much of a harvest yield which is not a big deal, more of a experiment at this time.

At this time I have the light at 50% 21 inches from dirt. This is the only thing that is a little confusing to me on when, how much and what distance to have the light at during the different stages.

My light cycle is at 17 and 7 I don’t like even numbers lol :laughing:.

I’ve read for seedlings be at 50% and distance anywhere from 24 to 32 inches I’m at 21 is that ok?
Veg at 75% and 18 to 24 inches and about the same for pre flower.
Then bloom at 100% light and lower distance to 12 to 18 inches.

Sounds like this will be fun and exciting and that it will be all up to what the plant does and likes on its lighting.

As always any and all suggestions and help will be appreciated.
Thank you


I have a MARS SP3000 light; there should be guidance on power and distance in the manual. My light states 18 inches for all stages; 50% for seedlings, 75% for veg and 100% for flower.


I have a DLI chart I made for this light based on 12, 16 & 20" heights and 18/6 and 12/12 durations. I will see if I can locate it and post it.
Here is the DLI chart for various stages of growth as well


Best thing to do is get the Photone app for your phone - they have an Android and Apple version. Measure the DLI of the light your plants are getting.

As I’m typing this I see the above comment talks about DLI - using this app, you can measure it. Then you can adjust your dimming/light height accordingly.

There is a huge gigantic thread here about using DLI, just use DLI as a search term here if you want to read it. Tons of excellent information.

I set my lights to DLI 15 when they sprout, and raise it up slowly until the plants are well established, max 40 DLI at that point. Once they really get going I raise it to b/t 50 - 60 and keep it high until they are in later flower, when I drop back into the 40s.

Using the Photone app takes the work out of it.


The manual only has assembly instructions, operation and grow tips only stated RH and temp range and PH. Not much help there at all, I did get some info from their website.

@Fiz nailed it. That is why I was looking for the DLI chart for this specific light. Then you would know what your DLI was at each of the heights and at each light interval. With the photone app, all you do is dial it in. Easy Peasy…you know the rest!!
Here is the one with the different heights instead of intensity

If we used the 16" center 9 squares, add them up and get the average of 650 PPFD, then 650x18 hours for the 18/6 cycle x .0036 = 42 DLI.


Tent Buddy is another app for DLI.


MARS has the guidance on their website:

TS Series. 12” ~ 18”

Seedlings 25 ~ 50%
Veg. 50 ~ 75%
Flower. 100%

Hope this helps


@Fiz @Bonjoyle @Bobcaat
Should my PPFD be at 650 all the time at 12 inches up to 18 inches and then use the dimmer to compensate for the difference. I lowered to 15 inches and Im only at 145 PPFD at 50% dimmer or can I just leave it at 12 inches the whole grow and use the dimmer to keep it at 650 PPFD as long as I keep the timer at 18 and 6 hours



Another growth stage ppfd chart. Current thinking from Dr Bruce Bugbee is young plants can take and benefit from a lot more light than previously thought. I put my lights at 100% and lower them till the plant tells me to back off.

For seedlings I follow these charts.

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@Fiz @beachglass @Bobcaat @beardless @Bonjoyle

OK all I am up and running now, I had to purchase the subscription for PHOTONE access to LED full spectrum light and Im at DLI 15 and PPFD low 200’s

Thank you so much I knew I could count on everyone here for help/advise


Agggh I’m sorry! The best setting to use is actually the sunlight setting. The long thread I mentioned featured some of the most knowledgeable growers on the site testing the app against a high quality light meter.

That detail totally slipped my mind b/c I’ve been using the app so darn long now.


Here’s the link to the thread. Start using DLI

What I do generally is put the lights high enough that the tops aren’t getting too warm - there can be a 10 degree difference between tent floor and canopy - and then just test for DLI for the number of hours I’m using. That seems to work out pretty well.

I had to reveg and forgot to change my Photone app from 12 hour to 18 hours and found my girlie was getting 120 DLI! Oops. I was happy I caught it in one day but I turned the intensity down asap.

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I’ll go ahead and get it just to see the difference thank you


She’s here welcome to the world :grin:


@Bonjoyle @Bobcaat @beardless @Fiz @beachglass

Hello all, she is looking good at 1 week. Light is at 12 inches above her top at 50% strength and DLI around 25. My concern is closet temp. Highest is at 68 degrees and low is 67 should I be worried?


Target should be 80ºF optimal at this stage. Do you have a heating mat? It will help keep the root zone near 80. She won’t die on ya at 70º. Just might be a slow grower.


Thank you
I do not but can order one

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Kinda like hand grenades. Better to have one and never need it than to need one and not have one.

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