Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

This is my second run with Grow Dots, a programmed-released synthetic cannabis fertilizer from Real Growers, the makers of Recharge. I really liked the Dots; my last grow with them was easy, and my plants (two White Widow autos in soil) were healthy throughout. I journaled them on this forum, and I want to document another plant with Grow Dots here.

Last time, I used the heavy application of Grow Dots. While my plants were healthy and I didn’t have any burning, the leaves were very dark green, lol. That seemed to be fine, although I’ve since learned that the maker of Grow Dots suggests a lower rate for autos. Also, each cultivar can be different, and the breeder for my sativa strain recommends going lighter on nutes.

So, on this current plant, I used the medium application rate of Grow Dots, which is 2 teaspoons per gallon of potting soil. However, long story short, LOL, I might add a small amount later, so I’ll document that if I do.

Like last time, I’m using Roots Organics Original soil, Recharge about once a week, and some calmag.

As far as training, my plan is to top once and spread out her branches.

So, this little girl is a Mexican Airlines from Fast Buds, a Mexican x Columbian auto. I named her Marina, after Cheech Marin, and she is seven days old from sprouting. Soon, after she gains more height, I’ll fill up her pot with additional soil and cover more of her stem.

I’ll tag a few folks, especially those who might be interested in Grow Dots or the Mexican Airlines strain. I’ll tag those I remember at the moment who followed my last grow, but of course there’s absolutely no obligation to follow. :smile: Also of course, everyone is free to invite anyone here.

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Glam shot of Marina and a gnatty bug trap, below. She is my first Sativa plant. The brown spot on her cotyledon leaf is a stuck remnant of her seed membrane, despite having a helmet head for only about half a day. And I just realized that the pic I’m using doesn’t show her stuck seed membrane. Well then, trust me, it’s there. :rofl:


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Thanks! I was going to do a purple haze auto in addition to the mexican, but the seed didn’t germinate. This healthy girl, however, shot up in two days, so what the heck, I decided to give her free reign of the grow space. In the fall, I’ll do two plants, even if I need a seed do-over … at least that’s the current plan. :upside_down_face:


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Marina is moving along and doing her thing. This afternoon:

Recently, I found two fungus/soil gnats walking on the soil, which I squished, sorry @SnkeyezCobra :rofl:, so today or tomorrow I’ll use mosquito bits for the first time. Beforehand, I’ll place more soil in her pot, and then sprinkle some more DE after a day.

Summer temperatures: I’m trying to figure out max temps for open grow areas.

I don’t tent, but instead I use a corner in a spare bedroom. I leave the door open, and I have a fan that is aimed at the wall, at an angle, so that the breeze reflects off the wall, goes over the plant, and then blows out the door.

So like today, the highest temp reading on my thermometer near the plant was 82.2F, while the ambient temp of the room/house was 77-78F. My young plant is fine and doesn’t show any signs of heat stress.

Last summer, I tried to keep the temp to 86 max under the light, and my plant was fine, no taco leaves, except a small amount on the top near the end of the grow, which seems to be normal, from what I’ve observed. The temp at top plant level didn’t feel hot, but warm. For comparison, however, my understanding is that 86-ish inside a tent would be considered the beginning of being too hot … I think.

But do you all think that 86 in an open room isn’t the same 86 inside a tent? Maybe that’s not a fair question since most folks either tent or grow outside. Some/most of you warm-climate outdoor growers have temps higher than 86, under the sun or in a greenhouse, which I know isn’t the exact same thing as growing in a room under an LED. @plumbdand @W.B.elpaso @VF

@Graysin You use an open room, with a bunch of lights; what do you find are decent heat tolerances before your plants start stressing?

I hope that I’m making sense, and any input is appreciated. I get concerned about summer heat, especially as I’ll be increasing the light intensity soon and we have some warmer weather over the next few days, but maybe temps can go a bit higher in an open room, versus what would be considered max temps for a tent. :person_shrugging:


Oooh, trick question! My plants don’t seem to stress (about the heat). My Pulse batteries died and I haven’t replaced them yet, but when my lights are on it looks like my max temp gets around 91° ambient temp (pulse hangs at canopy level).

I have 3 Honeywell desk fans blowing air over the canopy/onto my lights, an intake fan pulling air into my tent (in the closet for veg) and blowing out into the canopy also. I’ve got an exhaust fan pulling air from the room and blowing it into my back yard - my neighbors may or may not believe that we have a family of skunks nearby.

I find that light + heat is more stressful than high temps. It also helps that the temp increase in my room has been gradual as the summer progresses - they seem to tolerate it better than I think they would if I just hammered them with 110° heat out of nowhere.

Without a doubt on that front. Lack of air exchange will be much more damning than temps between 70 and 90F.


Thanks, good info. :+1:


Marina is very cute! Baby weed plants are just the prettiest things.

I learned the heat/light lesson the hard way, I didn’t know that my dimmer wasn’t working, and I hammered the clones. It wasn’t overly hot in the tent - high 80s - but Trixie got sunburned. Now I know what I’m looking at if it happens again.

I seem to like learning things the hard way. :woman_facepalming:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2: