Jack’s vs. Grow Dots: Rebooted

@Newt I really like the Grow Dots.

I used the heavy rate on two white widow autos, and they didn’t have any deficiencies. I also used calmag and Recharge, but that’s it. RO water and no PHing. Their leaves were very dark green, but that didn’t seem to cause a problem.

I listened to that 2-hour long podcast with Scotty Real, and for most autos they recommend the medium rate. He also said that the Grow Dots are fairly forgiving, which seems congruent with real-world grows.

As Graysin mentioned, I’m using the medium rate on my current plant (which is two weeks old), also in large part because the breeder (Fast Buds) says this about the strain I’m growing:

“Sativa dominant varieties prefer lighter doses of nutrients and this one is no different. Especially during the flowering stage, growers will want to go light-handed with the Nitrogen.”

So, lower nutes (overall, it “seems”), but also lower nitrogen in flower that likely isn’t a problem with Dots. This is the first sativa I’ve grown, so I don’t have experience with them; I’ll see if this current plants gets any deficiencies. Anyone is welcome to follow my journal. I think there is a different way to share a link that is a link only … :crazy_face: