1st grow of 2024, with Grow Dots

Hello! I’m starting a new grow this last week with 2 autos in grow dots.
I’ve been growing since the pandemic on and off, but I took a good amount of time off last year to move. All settled in a new place and figured it was time to start er up again. This time around I’m wanting to try something new so I’m trying grow dots. I’m also hoping to use the AC infinity self watering bases as the plants get old enough and just see what happens. Planning on doing some LSTing as I have done in the past.

But here is the details of what I got going and I’ll end with a few question I have for you fine folks.

ILGM Autos- Sour D and GSCE Autos
Roots organics soil
Grow dots
5 gallon fabric pots
AC infinity self watering bases
Calmag (at some point)
260rspec hlg
Fans, humidifier and exhaust all controlled off of AC WiFi pro controller

As of right now it’s set at:
78 deg, 45%rh
Exhaust is running at 1 and fans running at 1 or 2.

Sour D lost its helmet yesterday and I’m hoping the gsc will have lost hers by the time I get home.

I’ll throw up some pictures of my setup as I was hoping to get some input on my setup and if it looks ok and what not.
Main question I have though is what setting I should run my conductivity pen.
I have only grown with happy frog soil and fox farms nutrients in the past. They tell you to run the 700 scale. I believe the more common scale is 500 and/or EC.
Going forward I would like to get away from fox farms. Nothing against them, I’d just like to try some other brands I think.
What scale should I run my pen with this grow dot grow?

Thanks in advance and have a great day!


Well my GSC has lost its helmet. Both are looking good. I’ll remember to get a picture this afternoon.
Yesterday the exhaust, fans, humidifier and heater went down. After restarting things, unplugging and what not I figured out it was the humidifier and removed it from the controller. After unplugging it everything else started up fine. The humidifier runs not plugged into the controller, but brings the whole system down when it’s plugged into the co troller.
Have any of you had similar issues with the t3 humidifier and controller?
I have a support ticket in with AC Infinity, but haven’t heard back as of yet.
Let me know what you guys think.


I use the ff trio. I dont pay attenntion to the scale. I believe the scale is set up for the whole ff line up. I just alternate feed,water,feed,water. I tried getting away from it and switched to indicanja soil. Did not work for me and went back to the trio.
Seems like the Jacks 321 is a common choice for a lot of growers on here.
Welcome back! Do you have any pics? I would love to follow along.


@4204life The fox farms soil and trio is definitely an easy choice to go with. I really don’t know any different, but thought it did good getting the job done,
Jacks 321 is another one I want to try. Never grown with coco, but that is on the list to try in the next couple grows.
I just moved from an illegal state to a legal state so I’m hoping to try some different methods and branch out a bit more. Maybe have a couple tents going with different mediums. I’m not sure yet, but get excited thinking about it. Just the thought about growing without the threat of prison time sounds super exciting to me.
Here’s a couple pictures of my setup and the 2 that I have going now.


I am growing in soil but i swapped from fox farms trio to jacks 4/2 this time and so far so good. Plant seams to like the jacks as much as previous grows liked the foxfarms.

If this grow finishes strong i will be sticking with jacks lol.

Same ratios throughout grow
No need to flush due to salt buildup

I like the dry nutes too. Seams like with ff i always wasted a little messuring and pouring lol. Last plant i did was well over 1lb using the trio so it will definitely get the job done also.


After letting the t3 humidifier dry out over night I plugged it back in and it’s working so far. I still have a support ticket in, but going to let er buck and see how it goes.


Very strong start…I’ve seen folks use very similar with excellent success. I’ve got some different autos close to harvest in 5 gallon SIPs with just Roots Organics Lush, and decent water since I planted germinated seeds. Looking forward to seeing your results :+1:


At what point do people start using the self watering bases? I figure a couple weeks yet for sure, just thought I’d ask.
Thanks in advance.

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@Twelve1 heres my current grow.
I hope you don’t mind me tagging you.


Of course not, thanks for the tag, following! :grinning:


@Lacewing Maybe you could help with the above question? I don’t recall what kind of self-watering system you use, Caveman86 is using AC Infinity’s.


Really sorry I don’t know why I can’t tell when I’m tagged
I plant my germinated seed right into its forever home and top water until it starts drinking from the bottom , the ac Infinity booklet says when the leaves are the same height as the rim of your fabric pot it’s able to access the self feeding zone

I agree but also
You can tell when it starts bottom feeding as the growth begins to really start


I use jacks 321 exclusively full strength the entire grow in the bottom bases
I even add mother of all blooms and or the fox farm bloom booster dry trio during flower
I don’t even ph
I already know you’ll stick with it

I also think you are doing great ,also wanted you to know you can probably get away with taking the heater out of the tent and leaving it close by in the lung room


I meant to also say the only reason I bring up the heater is because it can heat stress your plants if you aren’t careful


I dont have a heater in my tent, its inside one of my guest rooms and i just use the central unit and vent in my lung room to regulate it lol.


I think I can get away with out it as well. I just moved to a new house so I was a little unsure of what the environment would be like here. It gets a little cold with the lights dimmed down and turned off, but with them full bore it seemed to be fine. I was mainly nervous about them when they’re small yet.
Jacks321 is definitely on my list to try next. Sorry if I missed this, but are you a soil or coco grower? I’ve been strictly soil, but wanted to transition into coco. Or at least get a grow ir two in this season with some coco.


Nope I’m in soil
I still haven’t tried coco
But with those self watering bases ,I don’t think the medium matters as much
It almost seems like a hydro grow


lol my bad


Here is my Lunar New Years update from my grow.

2/5-Each got 8 oz of water with a light dose of recharge.
2/9- each got another 8 oz of regular water.

2/10- I removed the cup from the SOUR D. She is looking a little deformed as of right now. Too be honest, most of the time when I cover them up with a solo cup they come out looking a little deformed. I think I’m going to remove the cup from the GSC and just increase my humidity in the tent and see what happens.

Not much else to report. I think I’m going to hold off for a week or so before I start utilizing the bases. What do you guys think?

Sour D


Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions.


I think they are ready to go on without the domes ,
They look fine and healthy to me ,
I put the fabric pots on the bases while doing the exact thing you are I just never water enough to worry about runoff .
I also fill the bases so the fabric pot soaks up the water through the wicks ,I think they start getting to it before most people think !
Either way you are off to an excellent start and if you haven’t used the bases yet ,I know you will love them and your plants will too