Grow #5: Autopots, DLI, and coco! Let's gooooo! G13, Black Truffle, and Nag Champa

I’ll be growing G13 (ILGM), Nag Champa (Terp Fiend), and Black Truffle (Terp Fiend)

Initial set up: 2x4 tent, SF2000 (200w), Coco. 24 hour light cycle until they pop the surface and I’ll switch to 18/6.

I’m going to try paying attention to DLI and watt output. The light is currently 30" away at 80w output and a DLI of 15. @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @Nicky is this a good start for seedlings?

Eventually, these will be moved to the 4x4 tent using autpots for the first time.

I’m also going to try tracking this grow using the Grow With Jane app (along with my tried and true paper journal).


U want ur humidity around 60-80% for seedlings

They’re all domed and the humidity is in the 80s under the cup. They’re all good for now!


Aha sweet happy growing

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Looks good!

The only thing I would change is the temp, I’d up it to 78-82F, faster growth and better nutrient uptake with warmer temps, can probably achieve that by just turning off your exhaust fan and see what the temp gets to. I run no exhaust for the first week or so while they are on 24/0 lights, keeps them nice and warm for fast growth.


I echo what he’ll is saying.

However drop your light to 12 inches and hit them with 15 DLI.

Watch them closey, g13 I grew was big, the ones I’m growing now I’m smashing them with max lighting and we are only a week in because they are heavy sativa learners and the node spacing is large.

If your able to turn the reds of via switch on your light then do, reds are for flowering in veg the change the morphology in a way we don’t want aka stretching.


Imo your right on with your light distance and power, I did start cranking it up little by little after the 1st 4 or 5 days

I managed to get up to 75 after turning the exhaust off. I’ll throw a heater in that room. Thanks!


So I lowered the light and lowered it to about 20% which gave a DLI of 15.2. But now the wattage drops to 40w (@Hellraiser). Is this OK?

I’m using the photon app 24h/Sun setting.

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Could probably skip the heater, just raise the light some and turn it up a little, keeping same DLI but generating a little more heat. I use my light dimmer and light height as the heat/temp control.


It’s all a balancing act.

I find even with the DLI raised, if the lights are to far away the plants stretch. But maybe I’m just stoned… Early on I need to use a heater as well, but after a bit the plants get big enough and the lights are turned up enough that they seem to capture more of the heat and hold it so a heater isn’t needed.

Currently I have a 240w maxed out and about 15" from my seedlings Im giving them roughly 45 DLI and they are a week old. Yet I still need a heater because it’s winter, I have the exhaust fan set to only kick on if heat rises above 80f roughly.

The biggest thing with DLI is to ensure your at least getting that much, so give them at least 15 for now.
If you give them more light that’s fine, just realize it may keep them short and stocky which is a pain if your trying to scog or lst.
However you don’t need to scog or lst to grow, and some strings stretch alot so hammer them with more light until they show light stress (Crispy leaf edges or bleaching of tips).
This will use more energy and thus produce more heat reducing the amount your heater is in use but still costing you near the same energy most likely.


I think you’re in good hands


We’ve got action!


Officially a week old. They’re on an 18/6 schedule. I regret using the clear cups as domes because it blocked the light which caused a bit of stretch. Another lesson learned!


I always leave some room in my solos so if they do stretch I can add a little more soil/coco… no big deal tho you can always burry them deep when u transplant.
What are you using for nutrients?


I usually leave that room but I guess I wasn’t paying attention (too high) when I was filling them up!

I’ll be using Jack’s with Lumina (using for the first time instead of/with tribus and recharge), Silica, and Bud Candy.

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Day 8 from sprout and it feel’s like it’s barely growing. I’ve had trouble maintaining an in range VPD.

G13s in the back, Black Truffle and Nag Champa up front:


Finally getting some grow action. Stacked the cups with more coco.

A couple minutes ago during lights off.


Looks like they doubled in size in 4 days, nice!

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Thanks! I was fiddling too much with trying to keep VPD tuned in but decided I’m too new to care about VPD right now. Measuring DLI is enough for me!

How soon can I move these to the final autopots? I think @Nicky transplanted them around this size. Is it true that I shouldn’t use Impello’s Lamina with Tribus during this grow?