Jack’s vs. Grow Dots: Rebooted

I think I posted this before but I’ll do it again this answers a lot of questions kind of long but entertaining Realgrowers GrowDots 420 Friday Happy Hour With Scotty Real & Soup: Patreon Sneak Peak - YouTube


I think it would work just like miracle gro. Maybe supply a little extra at the onset but ultimately would be fine. If you had a lot of rain consistently, you’d probably have to top dress sooner rather than later during the Grow cycle.


No need to worry about that down here … :crying_cat_face: :sob:


Yeah, that’s the least of my concerns with an outdoor grow out here.

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i put my leftover clones outside with supersoil and grow dots (heavy) plus recharge to boost roots at the start .
been 3 weeks and they have rooted well , and growing .
if you think the grow dots run out to soon . you can top-dress them with the dots too . hi everyone and good luck.
:alien: Happy Growing


We’re on day 21 since the flip, I believe.

Grow Dots is visibly darker green than No Dots, but not quite borderline toxicity yet. I do believe she will hit the N toxicity for a couple of days probably soon, then it will ebb again as it always seems to. This is an unusual run because the dots are fresh at the flower flip, but I also think the fresh dots are providing a healthy burst of N for the transition stretch and beginning bud build phase. Grow Dots is taller and has notably heavier looking buds, while No Dots appears frostier at the onset.

The leaf comparison:

Here’s No Dots:


And grow dots.


Very nice and a neat comparison… :v: :sunglasses:


Very cool :sunglasses: love seeing the differences


Alrighty - we’re about a month in. Grow Dots is bigger by a bit now - I have to attribute some of that to slightly different structure on the clone, but I’m not sure how much.


Can’t tell who’s frostier. I got physically stuck to both of them and we’re only on day 28 (technically, I think). GD is maintaining the darker leaves but otherwise appears totally healthy. ND as well, no signs of deficiency anywhere (unlike many of the other plants in the background :rofl:)


Looking good


Around Day 49 since the flip. I can’t believe how done these girls look, on both accounts.

Grow Dots

No Dots

I absolutely forgot to take snaps of the actual plants, but they’re foxtailing a bit and generally through producing pistils. I feel like I should give them another week just so we’re up over the 8 week mark, but honestly, based on trichomes it may not be necessary. Either way, gotta decide when they’re both “good enough” so I can harvest and weigh!

You can barely see GD in the far back right of this shot, ND nearby but can’t visibly see. :sweat_smile: one day I’ll get better at this.


They are each from clones huh? Ive noticed mature clones seem to flower faster then the originals from seed. Im guessing since they are exactly that. Mature clones… either way appreciate your scientific research confirming an ole pothead hypothesis of mine. :nerd_face::nerd_face:


If you harvest them too early, the buds will likely be somewhat airy after drying. I see some clear, especially in this area:

So I think a week to 10 days would be merited.


Definitely. I tried to grab the foxtails and low growth to get a good average of my “most immature” trichomes. I know there’s a good blend of cloudys but it just feels too soon.

Yeah, they’re both clones cut from the same clone. They’re actually a third gen clone, I never did have the original plant. They seem to flower bigger and faster every time. I’m wondering if it will translate into higher potency, but since I don’t have a formal scientific test for that, I’ll just report back whether it got the taste testers “stoned,” “really stoned,” or “stupidly stoned.” :joy::rofl:


Day 57 on Grow Dots and No Dots.

My first thoughts are that I’m shocked to see so much foxtailing. These guys are doing it uniformly throughout the plant, so it isn’t lighting (I don’t think?). They’re both doing it, No Dots to a lesser extent. Oddly enough, their mother didn’t foxtail at all. I wouldn’t have thought it was genetics, but perhaps. Maybe just environment. I have been running them under pretty brutal conditions - heat as high as 90°F nightly. Watering is not as frequent as it should be for plants in autopots.

Here we go:
Grow Dots - she looks done to me. Unless I want to wait for her to finish foxtailing. We may be here all year if we do that.

No Dots.

For what it’s worth, I have found a couple nanners on No Dots during the course of taking these evaluation photos. They’re very small and just beginning to emerge, which makes me wonder if I missed a round of stress nanners early on - hence the flagrant pistil throwing from GD and ND both. They’re neighbors, I’m not sure anyone else would be compromised but they rub buds all the time.

So we all know what needs to be done. Harvest time. :v:


Harvest completed. Stripped several fans from both to speed drying. Lately they’ve been taking too long - 12-15 days. As hot as it is, I don’t want to risk mold. Grow Dots right, No Dots left. GD looks much larger.

Disregard rear hanging plants.


So bottom line thoughts about the Grow Dots??? I am considering using them for the autoflower seeds that @repins12 was kind enough to provide.


Stupidly easy. Added CalMag and microbes throughout. These clones were so speedy, I didn’t have to stress about a mid-grow too dress, which I find surprising for photos.

For anything I can’t get into autopots, I’ll keep using the Dots. Frankly for things I can put in autopots, I may still try to get 4 plants uniformly into Grow Dots so reservoir refill day is only 1 batch of nutrient mixing (one res holds 4 plants, one holds 6).

I will be curious to see the final weights, but I also suspect they’re going to be pretty close with the Dots plant winning. Whether because she didn’t herm and self-pollinate (thus derailing her bidding process) or because she was truly superior, I can only surmise.

Running more plants and continuing to watch the other growers who have been using the Dots as their grows progress will tell me more. Dollar wise, Jack’s remains king. Although, worth mentioning Grow Dots is still pretty darn affordable. At a “heavy” application rate, I estimate that the $150 6lb bag would last about 64 full plants. At a “medium” rate (@Twelve1 is running at medium right now, so my eyes are on that), the 6lb bag could last as much as 96 plants. That ain’t nothin’ for $150.


I agree using dots is like growing on auto pilot later in flower you have to start watching for deficiencies. I’m on my third grow with dots I backed off using 55 grams per 5 gallon as opposed to 70 grams and 4 weeks in my Ppm is 450 so I think I’ll go back to 70 that’s in ProMix


@Newt I really like the Grow Dots.

I used the heavy rate on two white widow autos, and they didn’t have any deficiencies. I also used calmag and Recharge, but that’s it. RO water and no PHing. Their leaves were very dark green, but that didn’t seem to cause a problem.

I listened to that 2-hour long podcast with Scotty Real, and for most autos they recommend the medium rate. He also said that the Grow Dots are fairly forgiving, which seems congruent with real-world grows.

As Graysin mentioned, I’m using the medium rate on my current plant (which is two weeks old), also in large part because the breeder (Fast Buds) says this about the strain I’m growing:

“Sativa dominant varieties prefer lighter doses of nutrients and this one is no different. Especially during the flowering stage, growers will want to go light-handed with the Nitrogen.”

So, lower nutes (overall, it “seems”), but also lower nitrogen in flower that likely isn’t a problem with Dots. This is the first sativa I’ve grown, so I don’t have experience with them; I’ll see if this current plants gets any deficiencies. Anyone is welcome to follow my journal. I think there is a different way to share a link that is a link only … :crazy_face: