Just finished water only, coco, grow dots in an autopot

Very happy with the results, used a 70/30 coco perlite mix with a full dose of grow dots in an autopot, I only fed tap water phd to 5.8 through the entire grow. Harvested at day 66 of flower and netted a dry weight of 4.8 oz of decent bud. It’s only my third grow and the grow dots did a better job of feeding the plant than I did on my first two grows that I fed myself. I don’t have the time to tend to my plant everyday so this is the way to go for me.


That’s cool, I was wondering about the dots because I love lazy, got any pics to share?

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Congrats on the harvest Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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congrats on the harvest and im glad to hear you found a grow method you like! Im still trying to find mine. Im short on time also, Im currently teying some dry organic nutrients to hopefully reduce my chances of burning the plant. congrats again on a good harvest.

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Congratulations on the harvest got to love them dots

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What do you know? An Autopot on autopilot.
Drop some photos next run and add some microbes and I’d think you will double +. Grow time will be longer but…
Well done
Grow what and the way that works for you.


Missing a few grams as used some up before weighing. The last grow I did was coco in an autopot also but I used fox farms nutes, I let it sit in flower nearly 16 weeks under 24hr light and it yielded 8oz.

The second photo is 4 weeks into flower with the grow dots grow


I must add, thank you to all the contributors to this forum, I’ve only done three grows and they have all been successful due to the all the knowledge gained here.


Pretty awesome Yoda! Congrats on the harvest and the flowering girl looks great!
For sure this forum is a great resource for drama free information, for me nothing else compares


I was thinking about trying this next grow. Did you disperse the dots throughout the coco, or was it mostly in the bottom?

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In a 5 gallon bucket I mixed the perlite, coco and grow dots together then I dumped that into the auto pot grow bag. The grow dots were evenly mixed, you could still see a couple sitting on top that never got dissolved