Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

Yes I am! You can find me through our mutual friend. I suspect I see you there but well yanno. Don’t want to scare anyone who doesn’t already know me!


I just saw your other Thanksgiving comments. Good for your for cooking so much, but sorry that you are exhausted, understandably. LOL with Odie being zonked.

OK, I’ll poke around to find you. I have the same name, written twice. LOL about scaring people. :grin:


Mine is very similar. I’m pretty new there too and don’t really look over there much.


Ok, I gotcha!

Presses the Easy Button




Hey some things have to be sometimes.

It’s a good exhausted, I made a few things that were “first time” - the veggies and the salad. Bacon may have played a role in both so how can you lose? And all was well received, which I love.

Plus leftovers. Even a whole pumpkin pie.


We had half of a pumpkin cheesecake leftover. Guess what my breakfast was? Gotta have beta carotene, after all. I did save some for hubby and MIL.

Today, I hung Rosie and started a 24 hour seed soak. Plus, I put some soil into a small nursery bag. I had almost ordered some that were a tad bigger, but they were to take a long time to arrive. I think these small ones might be OK for their intended purpose of germination and the first couple days of a seedling’s life? @Graysin

I do have small hands, so they are a bit smaller than how they appear. :joy:


Sure she’ll tell you once she gets here, but if you’re keeping them in there less than a week I’d say that should be no problem.


They’d be fine all the way til the roots break through. Up to the plant how long that’s gonna take. I expect she’ll be fine for a week or two before it’s time for a 1 gallon pot or something to that effect.

But don’t trust me. These are in solo cups between 6oz and 16oz.

Except Lemon Tree (back center). She has a 1gal cuz she’s my baby. :100:


Wow, I don’t recall seeing your solo cups in a while. Very nice! :star_struck:

Is that the Lemon Tree that flew through the backyard? :open_mouth:

OK, thanks. I’m thinking a few days, but I’ll see. She’ll go into her 3-gallon final home.

Other than when I began growing, using the grow kits, I’ve been starting seedlings right in their pot, which has been fine. I’m trying the nursery bag thingy so that I have more control over her/their light, warmth, and humidity the first few days or so, especially being winter and with the other plant in the grow room, long story short.


It’s the child of the Lemon Tree who went flying :sweat_smile:
The original mother is no more.

Thank you!

I know most of them need an upgrade, even if it’s from 6oz to 16oz. :man_facepalming:


After the 24-hour seed soak, well more like 25 hours, we’re off to a good start, as the seed has cracked open a bit. :grinning:

Here’s the makeshift setup: A very small nursery bag, inside a previous grow kit seedling cup, supported by two small pieces of paper towel, inside a coffee cup for support, in a paper bowl, and topped with a sammich baggie. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I’ll likely dignify her just a bit with a real bowl, but the paper bowl was handy in the moment. She’s now under the light in the grow room. Sammi the GDP is on an 18/6 schedule, so when her light goes off I’ll put her in the other room under a regular bulb light for warmth and light.

Sammi today, day 56 from sprout, day 23 of flower, getting chunkier every day. Yesterday, she developed a bit of “painted nails” :nail_care:

Ossi Patella, still in his Halloween costume as Ozzy O The Reaper, says hello.


First, love the setup, looks great to me! My dad used to make do with things that were handy and in the moment. I learned a lot from him and of course do that stuff too!

Ozzy… omg.

Did I tell the Boney Willow story? Don’t want to repeat myself too often. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’m not sure, but do tell! :speaking_head: I recall that you had the skeleton dogs at Halloween …


Yes, I had boney Willow - who was a greyhound - already, and got boney Odie this year. When I put them out, I gave them an appropriate size tennis ball.

Post Halloween I stuck Boney Willow in the laundry room. She fell over and became an “I’ll get to it” thing. So I’m doing laundry and I hear grrr grrr grrr and there is Odie, trying with all his might to remove the tennis ball from Boney Willow’s mouth. :woman_facepalming:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In the meantime he has no fewer than a dozen of his tiny tennis balls rolling around all over.


:rofl: :joy: Haha, no you didn’t tell that story! Oh, that’s funny! :dog: :tennis:


Totally cracked me up. He’s such a character!

I just decarbed 1.25 oz of Sally for hubby’s capsules. I’m smoking some of that in the bong right now. I love my little machine, idiot proof perfect decarb every time. God forbid I had to do it in an oven.


How much do you usually put inside a capsule? I’m starting into making caps and did rough math but it’s always good to hear from personal experience how much it takes to be effective


Well, I ended up making 120 capsules, and had a bit left over so I would say around 250 mg. But hubby takes 2 to sleep, if I take one by itself, I ‘feel’ it, but I don’t get hammered if that makes sense?


And you’re using size 0s? I have 3s for other purposes, which I’m thinking must be about 3 to get to a 0. :face_with_monocle: