Turning yellow since yesterday

The leaves on this one bud really turned yellow since yesterday. Any ideas?

I watered 2 days ago with ph water and some cal mag

Looking good. How often are you feeding?

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about every 3 or 4 days I rotate a feeding of fox farms tiger bloom and big bloom about 1/2 recommended dose and then ro water with cal mag

pH and PPM of runoff?

A support ticket would be helpful.

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Ahhh I knew you would say that. I was actually unaware of measuring runoff when I started and my cloth pots are sitting directly on the tent floor and with 2 scrog nets up can’t really move them now. I have been lucky so far and haven’t had any major problems and was really hoping to squeeze by. I only need to get through 4 or 5 more weeks lol

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Can you post a pic of the whole plant?

pH will be important at this point because salts will have built up, making it hard to control pH even if you are pH adjusting what is going in. The build up of salts will drive pH your right back down.

If you can’t get to runoff then a slurry test would probably be good enough.


I did a slurry test with some soil from the top of the pot and its ph was around 6.6 and ppm only read 72

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I plan on feeding tiger bloom tomorrow. thinking maybe its phosphorus deficiency?

If your PPM is only 72 then it is a deficiency of all nutrients. I wouldn’t limit it to one particular nutrient. How long did you let the slurry mix sit? A PPM 72 is exceptionally low. I can only get my PPMs down to ~200 even when flushing and it’s really hard to get it any lower than that.

Edit: If it is that exceptionally low then I would add Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, a very small amount of Grow Big (though this isn’t usually necessary in flowering,) and a few ml of cal/mag as well. I would have your PPM going in maybe around 800 and then go up from there. At 5 weeks into flowering I would want my PPM to be ~1400.


I was wondering what a normal ppm for soil is. Or the best range.

its probably been sitting for 15 min now and I just checked again and it went straight to 72 which I can only think maybe its so low because its off the very top?

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much higher than 72 lol like around 1000

Sample some soil from around the root ball. Move the top soil aside and grab a bit a few teaspoons from that area. Let it sit for a while and stir occasionally.

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Young plants don’t need much at all and PPMs should peak about the 4th or 5th week into flowering.

A general guide is:

Funny, mine goes from 650 to 1600, crazy

Great chart, going to print that one for sure, thank you.

My first thought when I looked at the picture plants could use a little NPK.

Hey everyone! I think I may have a similar problem.I’ve been having a bit of a problem when my recent plants have been sent into flower. It seems about 3-4 weeks in, the fan leaves start to almost “burn” at the tips. It seems most indicative of nutrient burn until i begin to flush my soil with water PH’d to ~6.5. This is when the problem does not seem to go away. For reference, I’m growing in a coco/peat moss/perlite mix and using dry amendments for nutes. I haven’t added any nutes since i flipped to flower and have flushed twice since, yet this problem still persists. I’m beginning to think that this is a PH problem. I have tested my run-off and it comes in around 5.5. However, my drainage reservoir does tend to have a build up of residual nutes, so i don’t know if that is throwing off my PH tests of the run-off.