Yellowing in week 4

Hey everyone,

Looking for some feedback for my Skywalker OG. Week 4 day 2 of flower
Growing in an indoor tent (Mars hydro 12/12)
Temps between 71-74(night and day)
Humidity is 44%
Ph runoff is 6.12
Ppm 670(kinda low right?)
Feed a mix of Grow Big and Tiger Bloom weekly since I started flower, yesterday was the fourth.
I water with Ph’d water(6.05) every ~3 days as needed.

Up until yesterday they were looking fine.
Leaves were drooping but perked back up after the feed. This morning I woke up to this bright green/yellow color in many of the upper leaves. I do one solo cup worth of the mix and one cup worth of the water. I’m nervous as I’m heading out of town for 4 days and they’re yellowing. I’m having someone come check them while I’m gone but want to ensure I can advise them if needed. Any help is appreciated!


She’s just hungry. She’s using more now.


@Newt is on point as usual! She looks hungry! Grab a few of those lower leaves that are all ate up, just pluck em off! Maybe bump them Ppm’s up to 900-1000 next feeding.


Yup, hungry. They do still need N during flowering, just not as much.


Your target runoff PPM is 1,000. Increase the feeding of Grow Big.


Thanks everyone, I’ll make a new batch of feed!

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I have the blue lab combo meter, what ppm setting do you recommend? Thank you

A good target for runoff PPM is ~1,000.

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