Trying out a new Grow light, wanted some advice

Hey fellas, i bought a new light the Viparsectra Reflector-Series R300. 300Wat or…

I bought this light after a few drinks and was tired of dealing with my HPS, The HPS is great but old and scares the hell out of me… i always think it’s going to catch fire. So after I had some liquid courage i bought this light, like any smart person with out doing any research. So if yall have any opinions on it let me know how how to use it… and yes its already shipped so it’s mine now!
Thanks in advance and feel free to share.

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Like everything it depends! :slight_smile: This light is actually a 120 watt light. (Wattage it actually pulls from wall, not the sum of diodes x watts they supposedly pull). I use two dimmable 300 watt HLG lights for a 4x4 tent. This is a lot, but I get great results.
I also have two very similar lights to yours and used them through flower with good results in a 2x4 tent.

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I used this exact light in a 2x2’ tent. Had good results with it. Actually still using it in the 2x2. Mine pull 122w at the wall. As long as you stay in the lights footprint, you’re good to grow.


@BobbyDigital thanks man, my tent is similiar in size. Right now the plants are in veg stage under some led lights, i’m gonna switch them over soon using the new light. Besides changing the hours, do you need to change any setting on the lights for flowering?

thanks for that inside knowledge. Learn somehting new everyday!

No, there’s nothing to change on it. It only has one power switch.

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The blurple lights typically need to be started at 24"or higher from the top of your plant, until you get a feel for their intensity. I usually start out my 3 lights that total1200w (560 actual draw) at 28", then move down to 18" by the end of bloom.


And me I had to reduce my watts in a 4x4 tent because of heat . I had to cut it in half to 1450 w with a 670 watt draw at the wall . You should be ready to go unless your growing 3 or 4 plants and can’t get them all in the prime zone . That is a good little light and a bunch cooler than hps