Grow lights for 1 plant

Hey. I’m looking to grow one plant in a tent 60 inches tall. 3X3. What watt light do I need?

What are you expecting/hoping your harvest weight to be? And what is your budget? There is a pretty strong relationship between the two.

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I’m new to growing. No expectations of size of harvest. Want to buy decent lights without breaking the bank. Really just looking for what watts I should be using

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Getting a good light is more complicated than amount of power consumed. Radiometric flux (ppf) is what grows plants, not watts. The ppf per watt of some lights is really good and some lights is horrible. Which means some lights will require a more watts to get to recommended light intensity levels.

For a 3x3, I would look at something like hlg-300L or qb260 kit if you don’t mind assembly. Chilled tech x3 mini is a good choice also.


Thanks !!

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Viparspectra SX2000, good light good price

I just completed my first small tent grow. 3 x 3. I’m used to full basement rooms but can’t do that right now so I have a 3 x 3 72" (flower) tent and a 2 x 2 60" (veg) tent. I used a Viparspectra VA1200 ($110). It’s a very cheap light but it got the job done. I just harvested a small auto-flower (pic included). But what I didn’t like was there is still a lot of heat and noise from the fans. So I am going to replace it with a Spider Farmer SE3000 ($370) for an upgrade in lighting but mostly because it’s water proof (I have to use a cool mist humidifier) and I can detach the driver to place outside of the tent for lower temperatures. I’m ordering it next week. I’m also looking at replacing the veg light I have too.

(Sorry for the weird color in the pictures. That is from these lights. I’m going to start using a flash or get a regular light for photos on this next grow.)