How many LED lights

I have a 3’ x 3’ grow tent growing 3 plants. I’m using one 450 watt LED grow light in the center. The light coverage isn’t bad except the corners. Is it worth the extra cost to have two lights instead of one? Or maybe a single 1,000 watts in the center? I would appreciate any opinions.

The 450w light probably only pulls 200ish from the wall and the 1000w probably the same. What brand are they

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Only have one 450 watt Viparspectra.
I am willing to buy a better brand if it’s worth it.

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With a light like that two would be much better than one. There’s some better options available though, may be worth checking out.

Thank you.
What do you recommend without getting very expensive?

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I’ve seen people on here who use the viparspectra lights with good looking tight buds. But the LEDs that everyone is buying now a days are the quantum boards. @dbrn32 can help you with those


There’s a couple different quantum board kits available for a 3x3, that’s going to be most bang for your buck in led market. Cmh would be an upgrade too.


I contacted Viparspectra about light LED sizes.
They said if I double the lights I have now (450 W) it will be too much for my 3’ x 3’.
They feel it would burn the plants.
They recommend a single 600 W light.
To me that doesn’t seem like enough. I thought 900 would be better. Which size do you guys think is better?

2x of the 450w. I had 2x 300w roleadro 2nd generation and 1x 400w roleadro cob in a 20"x 36" tent and grew a massive plant that I harvested close to an lb of of. With 2x 450w light you’ll have a bigger footprint of light. I’m sure almost everyone on here would give same advice

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Personally, I wouldn’t buy viparspectra. The ppf per watt is too low on them and ratio of blue to red light isn’t what I feel as ideal. But if that’s what you’re going with, I would do two of the 450’s in a 3x3 before I did a single 600.

Pretty sure their customer service is in China. I didn’t feel confident with what they were saying. Makes more sense to me that more light is better. I like the idea of quantum board kits for my next tent Thank you guys for taking the time to help me out!

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