Transplanting correctly

 So im just trying to make sure I get this right. It's my understanding that a person should transplant twice. 
 From the seedling, into the next pot, then from that pot to the final pot.

I’m going to be using 7 gallon grow bags.
Which leads to my two questions.

  1. How long do you let the seedling grow before first transplant?.
  2. How long do you let the plant grow before second transplant?.

And should a person water plant till runoff all the time?.
I read where people use exact measurements to water plants.

And if the leaves edges start to turn yellow, than that means overwater, correct?

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Many growers do it a bit differently. Here is what I do.

Grow out a seedling in a red Solo cup. It’s time to transplant when the seedling’s leaves extend beyond the edges of the cup. A decent root system will be in place by this time.

Pot up to a 10" gardening pot. I’ll grow a plant out for about 2 weeks in this pot.

I then transplant to a 10 gallon pot as my last and final transplant.

Very few do this. Most of us water to ~15% runoff and leave it at that. I just eyeball my waterings. If I’m off by a half-gallon, then it’s no big deal.

Yes, once the plant is capable of taking a watering to runoff. A good measure of this is whether or not the plant can consume such a watering in 2 to 4 days. Seedlings should only be given a few ml of water at a time. Watering quantity can increase over time as the plant grows larger.

Not necessarily. There are a few things that can cause browned leaf tips, excess nitrogen probably being the most common cause.

Remember that overwatering is not too much at 1 time, but too often. Water and then let the pot dry out before watering again. Cannabis withstands dry soil very well. Some wait for their plant to wilt slightly before watering again.


@MidwestGuy @anon52654037

I was reading about transplanting cannabis yesterday and tried to find an article I read a while back that outlines a process like yours.

According to the article, multiple transplants make better roots.

If you planted a seedling directly into a 5 gallon container (as an example), the roots would primarily go straight down.

But, by doing multiple transplants, the roots spread wider at each level with the end result being a much better root system at harvest.

The article included a good graphic showing different root growth.

I wish I could find that article and graphic. Maybe someone has it and can post it


Maybe this is the article and graphic I was thinking of.

I have gone from solo cup to 5 gallon but I may try multiple transplants next time. I’m usually to impatient.


I transplanted mine from the solo cup into its final pot 20gal… they are nice and bushy. Can’t wait to see the root ball once I’ve harvested them.

If you’d like i’m running a flowering post you can check in on😎