Transplant Help Needed

I’ve got 3 Auto flowers growIng hydroponic that are 2 weeks old. They’re doing great. My issue is they’re in 1.5 inch baskets with 4 inch roots. I need to transfer to 3.5 inch baskets on bigger hydro setup. It’s 10 gallon and will support 4 plants.
How do I put the long roots in new basket with clay pellets without damage to roots?
I hope all that makes sense?

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@Donaldj or @latewood could you help this person.
Thank You Help should be here soon


Forget bout it. Once you have an established root ball growing through thenetpots; Just leave them. The roots will destroy the 2" netpots but, OH well…they cost a few .cents.

If you fell you ju7st have to transplant; Buy 4 of those expensive 5" bucket tops, and drop whole root ball and 2" netpot into 6" - 10" bucket top and cover with expanded clay.

Good Luck, lw

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Thx lw. The plants are in too small of a container. I do have large container you referred to. My issue is that I’m afraid the clay balls will hurt root system. I’m trying to put in larger basket with clay. I’m concerned about putting clay on roots.

“clay balls” are expanded clay. Brand name Grodan or Hydroton generally. They cannot hurt the roots. Best medium on the market

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