9” square pots, active aqua

I have roots coming out of the bottom of the pots. Ebb and flow…root riot/hydroton… and they are still veg(7 weeks) like, quite a bit of roots…2 1/2” all around the bottoms. They were planted a bit deep so there’s room for a bit more hydroton so could I lift it up and let the hydroton fall down to get roots back in and more room for roots or is it possible to transplant with hydroton, into 12” square pots? I mean I’ll cut the plastic pot around the roots to get them out if I need to…just don’t want to shock them because they are finally recovering from bad nutrients… so, leave them in with 2” roots coming out about to go into flower or transplant/lift into 4-5 gallon pots?

As long as the roots don’t clog the drainage holes…no problem.

I have had 5"+ roots coming out of 5 gallon buckets…it’s a non-issue IF no clogging.

Would suggest you leave them as they are. They would do the same thing in another pot.

If they do clog the drain holes, cut the roots till the drainage is good. Plenty more inside.


Cool, thanks

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Pics would help diagnose the problem , if there is one… :wink: