Total newbie , autoflower problems

I’m a

first time grower using autoflower seeds and 1 blueberry , been looking at pictures and mine really really don’t look big enough for 8 weeks , also managed to snap the top off one, totally devastated, any advice would be great

Looks to be starving for light


Lots of stretching going on. You can lower your lights to prevent the stretch.

How’s your watering schedule? Water till runoff, about 10%, then only water when pot is light. Lift them up get used to the weight when dry/ wet.

What are you growing in?
What nutrients?
Are you ph your water ?

What’s your lighting, doesn’t seem like enough

The one with the snapped top probably won’t make it, this has happens to my seedling and it died.


Don’t think my pictures show the light properly, ive got LED lights

Not sure about the not making it, but the rest seems pretty accurate. As you mentioned autos from my knowledge that doesn’t sound good for cloning the top or anything. As far as your lights @C-edz night lights seem to mostly come in LEDs now as well, but more information on the lights would possibly shed some “light” on if what you currently have is more than enough to be of use in a grow.

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Haha , ive moved the lights closer now they were quite high (excuse the pun)
I’ve watered them a little extra so it runs through, see how we go now

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I’ve moved lights closer and watered some extra until it runs through,

Thinking about your next grow,
1 - you probably need better lighting. Let us know what light you have…Brand and model.
2 - Fill those grow bags up to about an inch below the top. You are severely limiting your roots with the shallow soil.

You will learn tons of great things here. Welcome to the forum.


Love a sense of humor. You’ll fit right in :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m about 6 weeks deep in my first grow and I’m growing autos too! I would agree based on the bit I’ve learned that it may be an issue with your lights. I don’t have as much light as I should but my girls are fat and bushy with lots of flowers.

Welcome!!! :heart:


It’s a learning experience, and auto’s are definitely not forgiving when things go awry. I’m over two years in on growing autos, and I’m just now squaring away what works and doesn’t work with what I have to work with. Good genetics are a plus, you are on the right site for that :slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:

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