Too tall for my lights

I think the problem was shock…at first I was storing my water in the same grow room as to climatize the water…then I found I had too much humidity as I was finding a lot of condensation on the floor and walls so I put them in the hallway which is about 10 degrees cooler than the room…so I think when I watered them it was too cold…

Any thoughts??

I have ordered a dehumidifier and an exhaust fan for my home-made ventilation system and a jewelers loupe…should arrive Wednesday…ill take some pics with the grow lights off then…for now here ya go…


You may have mentioned it and I missed it, but are those white widow autos?

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Yes they are…

Cool i’m growing the same strain currently on day 40 she just started flowering yesterday.

Also my very first grow.

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Soooooo much to learn…wish I had this much interest in school wayyyyy back… I can’t really say what day of growth I’m on…I had started in a dwc hydroponics system and had issues i didn’t understand at about amonth in…transplanted into soil buckets with MG soil…bam sprouted up massively…although I think the stress prevented some branches from getting to their propper thickness…that with my light placement and lack of propper humidity control and ventilation likely didn’t help matters much…so when its done ill take what I get…then make all my adjustments and start again…not only do I love smoking it…its amazing watching it grow…sadly when my last batch died on me I was more upset about losing my plants than having my grandmother die last year…:rofl:

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Haha I said the other day on here that when I’m training my plant I feel like a kid that just opened his favorite present on Christmas. My plant just seems to love getting manhandled. She comes roaring right back every time I tie her up.

I’m growing WW auto plant in a 48" tall tent and that’s not a lot of room to let things get out of hand, height wise.

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My room is 8ft wide by 10 ft deep by 8 ft high…im using 5gal home depot buckets…my plants are 8 inches or so from my ceiling…crazy height…

Just a few pics…started playing with the filters on the phone…I trimmed up a bit…decided to sacrifice the midget plant…wasn’t getting much light as the other three shadowed it…but omfg I have never had a grow go this well ( knock on wood) with so much good looking bud…can’t wait to start the next batch and put all the info I learned from all the fine people on this forum…you guys are amazing…

You could have put the shorty up on something to make it taller. Beautiful lookin grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes I know :pensive:…the poor girl…but the sooner I finish with this batch…the sooner I can make my improvements to my room…rehang my lights with better spacing…improvements on ventilation…never thought growing pot was so intricate at times…im not too smart of a guy and live by the KISS rule…I don’t like to complicate things…thanks for all tips…look forward to sharing more grow pics with everyone

Ok i said I would get some and I got some…finally a few decent pics in regular light…so far I’m quite happy…just wish I was drying already…

Just got my loupe…damn these things are hard to get used to…I know i have a few weeks left so lots of time get the hang of it…

Ok here was my first attempt at pics with ma loupe…

Okie dokie @Breezy @Nicky . Here are my plants as of today. Not sure if there is a limit as to how many pictures I can upload but heres as many as I can.

White widow auto


Plant 1is just starting to mature, still very young so lots of time to swelll. Keep a good eye on your tds and your PH. Keep them fed

I was noticing what I thought was nute burn so I flushed the other day. Ran 6 gal plain water thru.

And what’s your tds and ph now?
Time for slurry sample from each plant


Hahaha for that I would have to actually open my ph test kit right? I dont have any extra nutrient to correct anything at the moment so im kinda just shooting at hopes and dreams. Next grow i will be monitoring everything more closely. Sooner I can harvest these girls the sooner I can make all my room/light adjustments.


Well good luck with the hopes and dreams hahaha

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