Growing too fast in flower (Too tall)

I’ve got 3 strains in flower, ILGM Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner.

They are Big Medium and Short unfortunately and sharing the same space.

I flipped to 12 and 12 2 weeks ago, and the GSCE just took off. It’s a really pretty plant with some purple on the buds and leaves already. But this is my first photo, and I expected it to start to stretch for 3 weeks before budding started, but as you can see 2 weeks in she’s already budding and I don’t think done stretching yet.

At this point it’s about a foot from my lights, so I need to do something to slow down it’s growth. I did top it, but everything is topped. I don’t know about the Black Widow, but I grew a Bruce Banner before and it will never catch up height wise.

So, It’s too late to top again, but I know there are other techniques to keep them short… Please let me know what they are… I can raise the lights a bit, but that won’t be great for Bruce Banner.


You can super crop them if it starts reaching too much. I had to do that for the last one too. It looks like it’s done stretching.

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@Covertgrower I’ll look up supercropping, and I hope you’re right about the stretch.

Thanks man

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@Nothingshocking heres a link to my journal, I recently super cropped one in flower, and she stacked pretty good. It’s the one that’s bent over. The link is for the end result appearance, but if you scroll up, you’ll see how scary it looked for a bit. I did it twice, and as you can see turned out fine.


@Covertgrower it makes me nervous to intentionally snap a stem, but it looks litk it gave you a good result. I’ll do it this week, I was planning to do some 3 week defoliation, so I will snap the top cola’s when I do to get all the stress out of the way at once.

Thanks for the advice and the link!

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Don’t worry they bounce right back, as long as they’re still connected! :seedling::sunglasses:


You can just bend em too… do it slowly and gently. A little at a time. Super crop only if you have to. Ifbyou do super crop firmly squeeze and then twist or you will snap the stem


@Cannabian so without tying or pinning the shoots down like LST, if I just bend them is there something like an elbow brace you use to keep them from straightening out?

Well I would simply take string and anchor it to the pot in drilled holes or a brick or anything and slowly pull the top over… do it gradually and slowly, maybe over the course of a few days even. It prevents crushing the stem, which you need to do in order to supercrop. This crushing can slow or even prevent water and obviously nutrients from reaching the tops! I do supercrop because I dont have to tie down each top, but ifbyou dont have many to do Id tie em down. My greenhouse has a 12 foot cieling and the plabts were pounding off the poly… imagine havingbto tie down all these…

so I supercrop those that I have to and bend whole branches down.
Here you can see some photo tourists and notice the orange string? These end up everywhere as time progresses and they bend whole branches down. The corner plant was a true sativa that was near 20 feet tall and bent and supercropped a few times. Im the end it didnt finish because by xmas there wasnt enough solar corn units left to make bud… so that plantbwas composted. Worth a try though… never know!
I have some seed of that plant left… maybe plant it for the deer :laughing:


@Cannabian Your plants are amazing, I’ve seen pics in other threads. I wish I had a greenhouse or could even grow outside. We have crazy laws if you’re allowed to grow you have to do it in a secure spaces that are completely out of site - so basically basements and closets

good idea to just anchor the shoots with a brick or something


I chose opague poly for a few reasons, notwithstanding the fact that I prefer to keep plants out of sight!

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Hey man. I was thinking of building a green house in my back yard but wasn’t sure if it would survive the winters in my region. I’m in the Durham region of Ontario.

Hell im just about to harvest 34 plants that had about 8 inches of snow in the leaves that were outside in -10 for about two days before I got to them and brought them into the warehouse .


Easy! You just need to either remove the cover in the winter or be prepared to knock the snow off it.

Hate that! Did you get any bud rot?

Not much, nothing to bad that could hurt or shock them to bad, they revived in about 4 days under 32,000 watts flower room outfits with 1000 watt units that run double 500 watt 3000K & 4000K simultaneously in the same light fixture instead of running the double ended tubes that I think personally sucks, I used 500 watt PGZX tubes one in 3000K one in 4000K and I staggered that through out 46 lights in a 40x 60 flower room with 20 Apache Tech AT 600 Led staggered with the HPS on 240 direct power to a regulated transformer and they perked right up and that’s where I used an old forklift diesel motor on a motor stand rigged up for it’s exhaust for Co2 no shiet, red neck engineering I swear, it’s scares the living bajesus out of me everytime I have to go back there, I always open the big lift door and get laughed at by my staff cause I be for real white girl scared cause we found two illegals trying to break in and steal some flower and that room was full of that rich co2 out that diesel motor and they both was dead, hard as a board one morning going to farm.

Why are you pumping diesel exhaust into your grow room? That aint Co2 its Co1 carbon monoxide not dioxide. Thats deadly and not what plants like?
Ok under ideal combustion you will get C02 and water vapour but you also get monoxide and sulfur dioxide, and a host of other carcinogens. That is not pot I would want to ingest! You should strongly reconsider doing that.

It’s was a one time deal brother and them illegals kill they damn selves and cause all kinds of unnecessary problems a few years ago in my beginnings, like I said it’s been one hell of ride brother. Everything now is State permitted and government standard certified for legal commercial growing. But you talking about growing pains and loosing money, brother I’ve lost my ass and 3 other people asses in my mission, but I never quit and I promise myself and God I would make it work :briefcase: and it was not easy not knowing the real important side of things is was my first mistake, you know how it goes, you have a money stash, the industry taking off, I lose my corporate job, you know the rest of the rabbit :rabbit2: hole :hole: story or how one can loose or inherit loses real rapidly, but everything has it’s purpose and when you find balance in the face of lost and adversity, all you can do is get better and that’s winning amen. I was trying to make you guys laugh but yeah im way past those pains sir lmao !

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@Covertgrower @Cannabian

The plant continued to grow over the weekend and this morning was a little too close to the light so I went ahead and super cropped. The stalk was too thick to attempt and lst at this stage.

So I pinched the stem, wiggled it back and forth and folded it over. 1 stem got a little split, see last pic. Does it need to be duct taped or will it recover naturally? Does it look like I did it right? I was a little nervous, but even if i ruined the top 2 colas, i think the plant has time to recover, but hopefully i did it right. This

If you look at the underside of the bent cola in the front of the pic, you can see the small split in the stem. Wondering if it needs tape (and honey?) To repair, or if the split is small enough that the plant will heal on its own.


Should be fine.

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