Week 3 flower - grew too tall, getting fried

Hi, this is my 3rd grow: Northern Lights from seed, approx 2 months old, estimate flower week 2, hydroponic, indoor smaller tent, main led plus 2 supplemental fluorescent for uv, feed approx 1000ppm of nutribloom etc, ph typically 6.5., water is bottled, arrowhead spring, defoliate weekly, along with various LST.

My issue is some stalks grew too tall, now getting pre-decarbed, sigh… just chop off tops of the taller? Any other suggestions? tia

Tie’um over. A little tighter everyday. I wouldn’t chop the tops.


@StonedCold13 thanks, yeah been trying to tie down, maybe train em to grow back down, lol

They will always grow up, towards the lights.
Some peeps do a thing called super cropping which breaks the main so you could tie down. I have no experience with that so I’ll stop there.

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I would definitely “super crop” and would not chop the tops off. As @StonedCold13 said.

To super crop the problem stems, knead and squeeze the stem until it becomes soft enough to bend without breaking. Then bend it over and tie it in position so that it stays where you want it. Many of us practice super cropping on every grow, even when we have plenty of height because it allows us to even out the canopy and increase yields.


@merlin44 thanks, this forum is the best! I’ll do it right now! million thanks man


Check out this video that @Pet_de_Chien shared with me. Its a lifesaver


Be careful when you super crop this time around. You are several weeks into flower and and the stems will get stiffer and break very easily. Most super cropping should be done before the stems harden in flower. Sometimes we must just suck it up and do it even if it is a bit late as in your case.


A couple of years ago I was in a situation that called for super cropping when the stems had started to harden in flower. It was quite difficult to squeeze the stems with my fingers.

The solution to this problem was cutting some pieces of plastic tubing and slipping them over the ends of my long nose pliers and using them as “super cropping pliers”.


@ExoFly thanks ExoFly, yeah, still learning! excellent vid, saved

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@merlin44 thanks, yeah I didn’t pinch just used green tie downs. I think i need to trim off baby nodes too… think the plant may have too many… meh if it makes popcorn, nbd to me! have a great day :smile:

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@merlin44 ha! excellent adapting there!

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Pinching them has the additional benefit of causing damage that the plant must recover from and those stems that get pinched often produce bigger and better buds in my experience. Don’t be afraid to beat them up a little bit.


@merlin44 ok then, I’ll go pinch her too, lol

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I can tell you that I was certainly nervous about pinching, crushing and bending the first time I super cropped a plant. Making the stem more pliable helps prevent breaking the stems along with the other benefits.

After that first time, I just pinch, squeeze and bend all over the place. I use SCROG’s for all of my plants and they never get taller than 4 feet tall. I could grow them to over 7 feet tall in my main room with no problem. I super crop them while training to the SCROG’s.

Here is a photo of one of my grows 20 days after flipping to flower:

I typically get about 1# of dried and cured buds from each plant.


Like @StonedCold13 said I just ran into the same problem. Just be careful when bending them over so you don’t break them. Here is a pic of mine I did


Take the metal cables off of your light. Loop rope ratchets over hanging pole. Attach both ends of each rope ratchet directly to the light. You’ll gain a few more inches

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And the Wizard is back! Great advice my friend and glad to see you popping i. :love_you_gesture:


@merlin44 whoa, very nice…

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@Deepsix nice! I just got done pinching, trimmimg a few smaller branches, and tying down. fingers crossed

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