Plants getting too high

So my plants keep getting taller and taller and I’m out of room to adjust it further up should I just leave them be or do something they are about 18 inches right now but seem to be climbing closer and closer as the day goes on

Look into LST, low stress training. Might be a good idea to tie down the tops. Check out the guide on this site.


I would do what you can to tuck and tie down branches. I wouldn’t do much training like topping or supercropping since it is an auto. Autos don’t always take well to training.


It’s basically the main cola bud that’s giving me the problem

Yeah the problem is how though lol

I got some of that netting whatever it’s called sea of green I think

Depending on how bad it is you might have to consider super cropping

You got any pics


How old are your autos? I LST my autos early around week 3 and continue to tie down the branches to get light to the underlying bud sites. I prefer topping autos over a fimming. The topping slows growth for a few days but fimming stunts and slows auto growth for a week or longer. This was around week 3 of LST

How far into flowering are you?

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Can you post some pics and age?

Yeah I’m at work guys sorry I will post pics soon they are 40 days old in soil

I had the same problem, my main cola grew an inch taller than my lights, which I had at the top of the tent. I gently bent it over with a carabiner about midway up, tied off to a corner tent pole. Maybe not ideal, but it worked for me.


Whatever works! Is this a current pic of your grow or an older one? Just curious and if current there’s away to increase your yield with some LST and defoliation. These are photo plants right?

That was from a few weeks back, I am at day 48+/- in flower now. It’s one ILGM Blue Dream auto that completely filled my 3x3x6 tent, WAY bigger than I expected. My only regret is not scrogging, weight of the buds has this falling in every direction, had to go tie branches to keep off the tent walls.


That’s amazing wow good growing I love that !


Not 100 % sure on how long they been flowering only a few weeks honestly

Okay everyone I moved it all with some crazy ties and stuff lol not perfect but if works and my fan that I have blowing on it is working really good i think I’ll be good now thanks everyone


Good God! She is huge and those buds are enormous. Man you’re going to pull some serious weight at harvest time.

@GardenGrove a long piece of bamboo would help support that main stalk and colas. You could put them them In at Angles around the pot to help support the other branches. I use soft ties. Food for thought, would give the other plants a chance at some light :love_you_gesture:

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I’m hoping I wind up with a few ounces once dried and cured. Pure beginners luck with this one, and was worried from the start it was not going to produce much.

I planted a second one 30-days after starting the first, and didn’t have any room in the tent, so experimented with her outside, topped, removed lower thin branches, etc. she’s nowhere near the size of the first, and only has 5-point fan leaves. The big girl was a mix of 7-point and 9-point, with very large fan leaves.

Since they were seeds from the same order, am wondering if being outside, and topping/removing things kept her underperforming, or if it was just a different pheno from the other. I ordered 5-seeds, so same batch. Anyone have an opinion?

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